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Default Single Mom challenge
I've seen a few of these single mom challenges floating around and thought I would make my own spin on it so here it goes
NOTE I am testing this challenge out and will be making changes to my rules if needed you also can cut some rules out if they are too hard I tried to make this hard a hard challenge on purpose
STORY You are a young first-time mom you have no family around and nowhere to go so you get into a Mommy and baby program for first-time single moms with nowhere to go they will help you get back on your feet. (this is more of a story themed challenge so your sims back story is up to you)
-life span must be on long
-start out with 0 Simoleons
-must stay at a Shelter for 2 weeks before you small house is ready
-the house must be a 6X6 one bedroom one bathroom if you have multiples the program will buy you additional toddler beds,high chairs, and toilets
-you may not upgrade anything in the house everything much be cheap or cheap looking(you may get rid of toddler beds high chairs and toilets when no longer needed but you can't get money for it)
-you may get a job but it either has to be the least paying job or the least amount of hours also it must not be in the criminal career (the program will kick you out)
-you are allowed to be promoted
-you can garden,fish and paint to earn Simoleons
-you can make the father of child or children to pay child support 100 Simoleons per child every two weeks on Friday
-you can't hire a nanny or babysitter can only use free day care
-if you leave the house for something other then work you can only be gone for 2 hours if you don't take child or children with you
-you can't have men spend the night
-you can only marry a guy if child or children are best friends with them same goes if he has children but you must have your own house or move into his
-you can only have visitors from 9 am to 10 pm (you need to get sleep and to put your little one or ones to bed)
-you can't get pregnant again while in the program
-you can only stay in the program until child or children are teens
Final Goal is to have a house of your own and be able to support your family
I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think of my challenge
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