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Default Successful Orphan Challenge
Successful Orphan Challenge

I was looking around and saw a couple of orphan challenges, but mine was a little different. I haven't had time to look through all of the challenges, so I do apologize if this is similar to one that's hiding close to the bottom of the stack.

I think it goes without saying, but absolutely NO cheats allowed. And no mods that will make gameplay easier, like lowering bills, increasing needs/moodlets, etc.

Basically, the object of the game is to accumulate as many points as you can.

Creating the Sim(s):
Begin with your single parent or parents. They can look any way you’d like them to look and have any traits you desire, though I suggest giving them the family traits and aspirations to make your gameplay easier.

While in CAS, if you have a heterosexual couple, you must make one or both of them infertile (changing the female’s reproduction to “cannot get pregnant” or the male’s to “cannot get sims pregnant”). If you have a same sex couple, then there’s no need to change anything. So basically, the story is that the couple couldn’t have children of their own so they adopt. **During the game, if your sims happens to get abducted by aliens and then gets pregnant, you must incorporate the alien/human child into the game. However, the child does not count as an orphan and does not get included in the overall points for the game.

You may not make any children while in CAS, just your parent(s).

Setting up the Game:
You may move into any house/lot you desire provided you can afford it. **However, if you have City Living, you may not move into an apartment.** Remember, no money cheats, or freerealestate on cheat. As you grow in family and funds over the course of the game, you may add onto the house and/or move as long as you can afford it. Once your sim(s) are moved in, you have 24 sim hours before you have to adopt your first child. So make sure you have at least $1,000 simoleons to spare when you choose your house.

You must have at least one orphan living with your sim at all times. You can adopt as many as you want provided you have the funds, but the starter sims are never without children in the home.

You can also adopt babies, toddlers, or children.

Playing the Game:
Basically, the rules are as follows:

1. The orphans live with their adopted family until they become young adults.
2. As soon as a teen grows to a young adult, you must give them a job (based on their skills/aspirations), and then move them out on their own.
3. Autonomy must be set to the highest level. And you may only control the parent(s), not any of the orphans. In the case that you happen to have the alien child mentioned before, you may not control him/her either. (The only time you may control an orphan is when they become a teen to get a part time job, and when they become a young adult to get a full time job. Other than these two instances, you do not control them.)
4. If you only have one parent, they may not have a job. If you have two, then one parent may have a job while the other stays home. (If you have GTW and choose the doctor/detective/scientist careers, you may not join that sim at work. You also may not own any retail stores or restaurants.)
5. You may use any means possible to make money, selling paintings, fishing, gardening, etc.
6. Teens may get part time jobs, but they must maintain a C average in school. If they fall below that, they must quit their job until the grade is pulled up.
7. When aging up sims, you must wait until you are notified that it is that particular sim’s birthday. No aging up before then.

Positive Points
+10 for every orphan who successfully grows up to young adult and moves out
+5 for every orphan who is a good friend to your parent(s) when they move out (this only counts once, so if they are good friends with both parents, it will only be +5 points instead of +10)
+1 for every skill point the orphan has learned by the time they move out (and add an extra 50 points if the skill is maxed out)
+1 if a child grows up to teen with an A in school
+1 if a teen grows up to a young adult with an A in school
+100 (per parent) if your parent(s) die of old age
+2 for every good friend an orphan has upon moving out (excluding the parents)
+3 for every love interest the orphan has upon moving out (this means any pink bar at all in their relationships)

Negative Points
-10 for every fire that happens on the home lot
-1 if a child/teen gets an F
-2 for every enemy the orphan has upon moving out (this means any red bar at all in their relationships)
-5 every time bills go unpaid and electricity is shut off
-10 every time bills still go unpaid and water is shut off
-20 if someone gets fired
-50 (per parent) if your parent(s) die of anything other than old age

How the Game Ends:
The game ends when your parent(s) both die, either from natural causes or other. When this happens, you may begin adding up points (hopefully you are keeping track of them as the game goes on). Any orphans left living at home do not count in the final points, as they did not successfully grow to be young adults.

The game also ends should any orphan be taken away by social services. You have failed as a parent and lost the game.

**You can add/change anything you want about this challenge to better suit your gameplay. It’s your challenge, I’m just outlining it. Just have fun!
**I also may add things as they are suggested/as I think of them.
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Mabey a way to "win" otherwise, great!
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