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Default Sims 4 Orphanage Challenge
After searching for an orphanage challenge, I was disappointed to find none that really appealed to me, so I invented my own challenge. This challenge has very little restriction on gameplay and the kind of sims you can make. The rules may seem a bit complicated, but it is actually fairly simple

Before I begin, there are some important information that ought to be known. This challenge is base around D&D dice, so if you have a set of those lying around, great. If not, here is a link to a site that has a random dice roller: Dice Roller

Also if you want to play this challenge on harder modes, you may want to download a mod that allows you to have more than 8 sims in a household here:

General Rules:
1. You can play this challenge on 4 different difficulties: easy, medium, hard, and impossible
2. Your household must include one adult caretaker for the orphans, one teenager, one child, and one toddler. You can have as many sims as you want to start but you must have at least those four. The sims can have whatever gender, traits or aspirations you want.
3. The orphanage that your sims will live in can be any size you want. Big or small. Plain or fancy. It doesn't matter. You can make it yourself or download one. You can use money cheats to afford the lot.
4. All children and teens must attend school
5. You cannot age up an orphan until their life stage naturally ends (so one day before aging up at the earliest).
6. If an orphan reaches adulthood, they must be moved out of the household immediately.
7. There are no skill or grade specificity. You can be as caring or as cold as you want when it comes to the raising of the orphans.
8. If your caretaker dies, you can create another adult caretaker, or if you so choose, you can move in one of the previous orphans to be the caretaker (only orphans that were never adopted).

Adoption rules:
These are probably the most important rules, so pay attention.
1. If you are playing on easy difficulty, you must adopt a random child into the household every Wednesday. If you are playing on any other difficulty, you must adopt a random child into the household every Monday and Friday (not Wednesdays though).
2. Using the dice roller, pick the d4 (four sided dice) and this will decide the age of the child you will adopt. 1 = child, 2 = toddler, 3 =baby, 4 = you pick
3. No matter what difficulty you play on, you will roll for a random adoption of a sim from your orphanage every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.
4. To determine whether or not an adoption will occur, use the dice roller, pick the d20 (twenty sided dice) and the number that turns up will determine if an adoption will occur. The number that you must roll must to cause an adoption will depend on the difficulty you choose. EASY = 10 or higher, MEDIUM = 13 or higher, HARD = 15 or higher, IMPOSSIBLE = 20 only
5. When you roll a high enough number, you will choose a random orphan and move them into a new household in the game and change their surname to match their new parent(s). You may also use the cas.fulleditmode cheat to change their relationship to anyone in the household.
6. TEENS CANNOT BE ADOPTED OUT OF THE HOUSEHOLD UNLESS YOU ROLL A 20! There are no restrictions for any of the other age groups.
7. If you have a teen grow up into adulthood, you must adopt a random baby as soon as possible to replace the teen (BABIES ONLY!!)

Financial rules:
1. After moving your household into the orphanage, you have a cap on the amount of household income you can have at the start. For EASY and MEDIUM = 150,000 Simoleons or less, HARD = 100,000 Simoleons or less, IMPOSSIBLE 70,000 Simoleons or less
2. Your caretaker cannot have a job. Teens can have jobs.
3. Since it costs 1000 Simoleons to adopt in the Sims 4, whenever you adopt out an orphan, use kaching to add 1000 Simoleons to your house.
4. Every Sunday you can roll a regular d6 (six sided dice) to determine a charitable contribution to your orphanage. Rolling a 1 is 10,000 Simoleons, 2 is 20,000 simoleons, 3 is 30,000 simoleons and so on all the way up to 60,000 simoleons.
5. If you have a child taken away by social services for any reason, subtract 30,000 simoleons from your household as a fine from the government.
6. If you have a child die, subtract 50,000 simoleons from your household as a fine from the government.

How to win the challenge:
1. You must adopt out as many orphans as you can before they reach adulthood without your orphanage falling apart.
EASY = 50
HARD = 30
Yes the numbers are backwards because it will be way easier to adopt out orphans on easy than it will be on impossible, so therefore you need to adopt out more.

How you lose the challenge:
1. If you cannot afford to pay the bills to run the orphanage, your orphanage will be shut down 48 hours after the bills have been delivered
2. If you have 5 children taken away by social services, your orphanage will be shut down (this is per caretaker not through the entire duration of the challenge)
3. If you have 2 children die, your orphanage will be shut down. Teens are included in this. No exceptions, so if there is a house fire that kills 2 or more of your orphans, your orphanage will be shut down (this is also per caretaker)

I think I've covered pretty much everything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Happy Simming!
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