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Default Zombie Apocalypse Challenge **MODDED**
(I made this with no intention to copy any other apocalypse challenges out there, this is purely my own.)
You're a young adult girl/boy who lives in Newcrest, a merely unpopulated town. One day, news breaks out and you're told to report to a base. Zombies flood the streets, you run to the base. You're safe now.

Have every sim on the lot die of old age.

Make a y/a sim, no gender preference. One trait must be the hot-headed or materialistic trait, whichever you prefer. Or to make it harder, add both. One thing they need though is the appearance of worn-out clothing, because duh, they don't have a lot of clothes on a base. You can either also make 7 other sims to your liking or spawn many in-game so you can really follow the rules. (I normally just make characters to my liking, but it's your choice.)

If you want an easy game, you can use mods, but that takes away from the challenge aspects. So, no mods. Custom content is allowed. I suggest the survivor trait by pastel-sims at for this challenge.

Use the biggest lot in Newcrest, the 50x40 Twin Oracle Point. Build a giant wall around your base and turn it into a massive fence. If the game doesn't have big enough fences, then just use walls and do a stone colour on the outside. The inside can be to your liking. It must have a campout/dorms. Campout if you have Outdoor Retreat, but if not go ahead and make a dorm room for your sims. A cafeteria, with the crappiest items for a kitchen that you could ever possibly have. You have to repair everything, no repair services or replacing. A bonfire/hangout, with a fire and some chairs to resemble a chilling out kind of area. Put a few bushes around the place, because you're not getting bathrooms anywhere else. Add anything else that you think should be in a base. No electronics other than food appliances and such, no bathrooms except for bushes, no televisions and no lounging areas.

Start with 0 simoleons. You are to make friends with everyone around you and collect what you can. Spawn random people on the lot with the cheat sims.spawnsimple after 8pm and have your sims try to kill them all by using the murder trick with handbuzzer mod at without interacting with any of them. You can use other sims for this. If you interact with them as any sim, you must kill that sim. Do this once every sim week. If your sim leaves the base after 8pm then you must leave them out there without playing as them until 8am. When you can't play as your sim, you can play as any other sim and go through each and play as each until your sim can be played again. If your sim dies, you must create a new main sim.

No fishing
You can't play as an already active sim if your main one dies
You only need the murder mod I have mentioned below

Murder Mod:
Survivor trait: ttp://
How to install Mods:

Enjoy this. I know it's kind of terrible, it's my first challenge. Forgive me!
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ew just realized how BAD this is
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