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Default Changing mood/emotion colors
Has anyone found if it is possible to change the color of a mood/emotion, as in the one that appears behind the corner portrait, and in the moodlets. All the color values in the mood xml seem to be to do with coloring ghosts, according to the tdesc.
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I figured it out! Kinda.

It's the 'portrait_frames' entry in the mood's XML that determines the background color of moodlets and the portraits. According to the tdesc,
A list of the frame labels (NOT numbers!) from the UI .fla file that the portrait should be set to when this mood is active. Determines background color, font color, etc. The first item is applied for the initial intensity, and each subsequent item replaces the pose as the intensity levels up.

So, I can swap things around to use colors originally set to other emotions. But unless I can find and edit the UI file the tdesc references, I can't edit the colors to new values. Does anyone know anything about what UI file it might mean, and if it's something we can override?
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#3 Old 19th Jan 2022 at 10:55 PM
Tutorial please? I want to make a mod that swaps the colors of Happy and Embarrassed, because yellow is commonly associated with happiness and Embarrassed works with green aswell. I'm new to modding so I'd really appreciate some help.
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