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Default My take on the Orphanage Challenge
I know other versions of this challenge exist, but this is a take on it that I thought I would try out and share with you!
This will be a very simple challenge and you can add additional rules as desired.

Your Sim runs an orphanage. He/she must be a Young Adult or Adult. If you have the Get to School mod installed, I recommend the Teacher aspiration. Otherwise, Knowledge or Family aspirations would work well, too.
Where traits are concerned, you must choose ONE OF TWO ROUTES:
A) Your sim loves children and wants to nurture them and see them succeed. He/she is loving and affectionate to each child in the orphanage and treats them as his/her own. Helps them, comforts them, and befriends them.
•Traits: Family-oriented, Good, Neat
B) Your sim is a strict, no-nonsense caretaker. He/she is not loving and kind. He/she only runs the orphanage because it's a stable, well-paying job. Resents each child and doesn't really care about them beyond their basic needs. Will not spray for monsters under the bed, help with homework, or any other particularly nice interactions.
•Traits: Mean, Materialistic, Dislikes Children

The orphans:
There must be 7 orphans at the start of the game*. Each should have a unique personality and appearance. Can be toddlers, children, or teens* (preferably a mix of all three). Should be dressed in similar clothing or even a uniform.
*Unless you have a mod that allows you to add more sims to the household. If you want to have more than 7 orphans, feel free to do so.
**Teens may make the challenge a bit more difficult.

OBJECTIVE: Get all of the orphans adopted by families in the town. If you would like to populate the town with more couples, feel free.

•CC is allowed
•Mods are allowed as long as they do not make the challenge easier
•Cheats are only allowed for aesthetic purposes– bb.moveobjects, for instance. It will not alter the gameplay itself.
•Must have a large house. Have at least two bathrooms and two dormitories; one for boys and one for girls. There should be a study space, a dining room, and a kitchen.
•Start the challenge with $5,000.
•Every Saturday is adoption day. Invite over a set of potential parents and have the children get to know them. To be eligible for adoption, a child must have obtained AT LEAST LEVEL THREE in one skill and be a B Student or higher. Any eligible child can then meet and talk with the couple. At the end of the couple's visit, the eligible child with the highest relationship with BOTH PARENTS will be adopted (do this by going to manage worlds and moving the child into their new family's household).
•Prospective parents CANNOT visit two weeks in a row
•When a child is adopted, use a cheat to give the household $3,000.
•When one child leaves the household, you must immediately bring another one in.
•Set "normal" lifespan and enable aging

TO WIN, you must successfully adopt out 10 children. This has to be done before they reach Young adult age. If you win, you can either keep going until you hit 15, 20, 30 (or whatever you like), call it quits, or pick your favorite of the orphans to become the start of a new family/legacy.

•An orphan dies under your care
•The caretaker dies without being replaced by a new one first - - if your caretaker is an elder about to die, you may move in a new caretaker to take their place
•A toddler/child gets taken away due to neglect
•An orphan reaches Young adulthood before being adopted


Annie Challenge
An orphan is given up by her parents when he/she is a toddler. They simply cannot afford to care for their child but hope to be reunited one day, if fate allows.
To do this, create a household with parents (or maybe even just one parent– after all, they weren't able to care for their child) and a toddler. Place them in the world. Then move the toddler into the orphanage. If possible, cheat their relationships to zero– they don't really know each other, after all. When the orphan has grown into a child/teenager, they can go out once every week for three hours after school to look for their birth parent(s). He/she is not allowed to travel to their home lot; they must meet in a public place such as the park or museum, by chance. If they do meet, they have found each other again! The parent(s) can now afford to keep and support their child, so move the child back in with his/her parent(s) to grow up happily.

Sibling challenge
Two siblings end up in the orphanage together. Make sure they meet the requirements to both be adopted by the same family (and remember that you cannot invite back the same parents two weeks in a row, so plan accordingly). Don't let the siblings be adopted into different households.

New ruler challenge
The caretaker of the orphanage dies, leaving orphans with a new one. (Add the new caretaker to the household before the current one dies so that there is always an adult in the household). Preferably, the nice caretaker dies and is replaced by a mean one. The kids have to get through the added challenge of transitioning from a kindly, motherly figure to a strict, mean overseer.
- If killing off the orphans' kind caretaker seems too harsh, have him/her get married and move away instead.

If you have any other suggestions for rules or mini-challenges within the challenge, let me know! Happy simming.
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Awsome! I have a subchallenge! I called it the Perfect One but here it is! Max a child and teen skill, get the "top notch toddler" trait, Have a A in school, and have one BFF!
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