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Three's Company Too! Challenge Sims 4
Three's Company Too! Challenge Sims 4

Hi. This is the first time I'm posting on here, so I hope you like my challenge!


Do you remember that 70's classic television series called "Three's Company Too"? No... okay, that's alright. Well this challenge is inspired by that show.

It all started when 3 friends are all fit up with what's going on in the there homes, so they come together and decide they want to live on their own. And the story begins.

Starting Out

Step 1: Create 3 teenagers. (Girl-Boy-Girl) (Boy-Boy-Girl) (Boy-Boy-Boy) (Girl-Girl-Girl) Whatever you would like. You can use any CC (Custom Content) you would like to use. You can make them look like whatever you would like. You can also have any traits you want your sims to have. I suggest you use traits that will help you with money. Like Art Lover.

Step 2: Move into a lot. It can be any size.

Step 3: Make a house or download from the gallery. Use the money you have left to make or download your house.

Step 4: Reduce your household's money to 0. All three of your sims chipped in with their savings just to buy the house so, you kind of got left with nothing.

Step 5: The challenge is all set up and now get ready for the long and wild ride.


Lets keep these rules as simple as possible.

*Set the Life Span to Long

*NO MONEY CHEATING AT ALL (But you have a mercy cheat. Whenever your sims day is going bad and they are all about to starve to death or something like that you can use the rosebud cheat. ONLY 1 TIME)

*You may use the any cheats that doesn't add or involve money. (Besides the Mercy cheat)

*You may have children.

*When the sims become young adults they can get married.

*Only one sim can have a job.

Purpose and How to Win

I bet you're wondering what in the world is the purpose if this challenge is. It probably sounds like just playing a regular sims game. Well the purpose is to play with the problems we do have in real life. You win the challenge by all three Teens become adults, married , all have kids and a place of their own with funds of 20,000 and more.

Well I hope you enjoy this challenge I made. Plz give me feedback. what u think about this challenge and whether or not u like it. Have any questions let me know. God bless you all, and keep simming.
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Hi you could have posted this in the Challenges forum

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