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Default Disney Side-Character Legacy - Disney Legacy Spinoff (Update 9/3/18)
Credit to LadyLestat for the original challenge !

UPDATE FOR PETS! Some of Triton's daughters have pets and I wanted to include them!

I will not make a new Thread for each Generation. I am simply doing it for Gen1 because not only is it the most important, but it has the most to it in general with so many Sims as Founder options.

About this Challenge

Why did I decide to make this?
I’ve seen the Disney Challenge going around, and I like seeing some of the twists, from gender-bent to starting with a different founder like Belle.

So I thought to myself, just what could I do to make mine stand out?

SIDE CHARACTERS. Those support characters everyone forgets about because they are overshadowed by the main characters, those pretty princesses and you forget about the ones who helped them along.

I was one of those kids with pretty much every Disney movie under the sun. Shelves full of them, in VHS. Crazy, right? So, I’ve seen quite a few, and I do have my own favorites. I didn’t want to do it in the order of my favorites, however. I liked the idea of going through the movies as they came out.

Uuuuunnnnfortunately, having seen so many led me to have a rather...long list. Instead of the normal 10, it ended up coming to fifteen.

That’s right, you heard me. 15 generations. For sanity’s sake, I’ll only detail the first 2 then shorten the rest to the best of my ability!

This can have tags such as ‘disneysides’ or ‘disneysidelegacy’


I don’t have many rules. In fact, I’m a fairly lenient person because I enjoy experimenting and freedom of expression.

What rules I do have, I feel like they make sense.

1 - There's going to be a lot of world-changing and updating as we go along. If you're playing this for yourself and not posting anywhere, you don't have to, but I'm always paranoid about when sims ask my sims out places, I want to keep it era-appropriate. Oasis Springs is the oddball, you can make that look like Argabah right off the bat.
At first, I'd suggest revamping Newcrest, Willow Creak, and Forgotten Hallow into Windenburg-look alikes! For the Snow White portion of Gen1. Brindleton Bay and Windenberg themselves can be turned into something that looks like Denmark, because that's where Little Mermaid is located. After the first Gen, you can change any or all of the worlds into something Victorian-era esque for Cinderella. So on and so forth.

2 - Originally I had it so you can't have sims outside of the Movie Generation you're in, but I realized that would lead to an empty world plus the randomly generated townies is impossible to escape. So instead, go ham with townies in or out of the Movie Gen, just maybe dress them in Era Appropriate clothing instead.
For example - Little Mermaid/Snow White = Renaissance clothing, make a big stand between rich and poor.
Cinderella is Victorian clothing.
Pocahontas era = Colonial clothing, 1800s, Louis and Clark!

3 - Try and stay focused on your household/generation. You don’t want to jump around so much you forget what you’re doing.

4 - No adopting in your main household. Spares can adopt if you want.

  1. Change side-character/Heir in that Gen! Don't want to do King Hubert in Sleeping Beauty? Do one of the fairies! Don't want to do Victor in Hunchback? Do one of the other gargoyles! (Please take into account the generations surrounding that change and what you need to do to make it cohesive and not out of place. Such as making sure Victor has the other 2 Gargoyles as siblings, same with the 3 fairies being siblings if you don't want to do Hubert)
  2. Genderbend the Generations
  3. Berrify it
  4. Make it LGBTQ
  5. Rearrange the order
  6. Take out movies / add movies (Frozen, Princess and the Frog, Pocahontas for examples).
  7. Plow through a Gen
  8. Mod it
  9. cheat it
  10. make it a story
  11. Put pictures on tumblr
  12. Record it and put it on YT

With 15 generations, you’re sure to dislike a generation you hoped you’d love. You’ll cross a gen you absolutely adore you didn’t expect. That’s OKAY. You’re supposed to have fun. This is supposed to be a chill thing. Do what you do.


Aha! The moment you’ve been waiting for. The list.

Generation 1 - Snow White
7 Dwarves and the 7 Sisters of Atlantis.

Inspiration - There was a very old movie (also a musical) called 7 Husbands 7 Wives that I adored.

You can rename the Dwarves. Arranged in the Color of the Rainbow
  1. Grumpy George
    Hotheaded, Genius, Active
  2. Sneezy Spencer
    Gloomy (all about that lip quiver), Outgoing, Clumsy
  3. Doc Derek
    Perfectionist, Genius, Ambitious
  4. Bashful Bernard
    Romantic, Creative, Bookworm
  5. Happy Henry
    Cheerful, Outgoing, Glutton
  6. Dopey Daniel
    Clumsy, Childish, Insane
  7. Sleepy Simon
    Lazy, Genius, Clumsy

All of their Aspirations are Curator (for obv reasons)

They can have whatever job you want them to have. Doc in the Doctor career for example. Bashful would do good as a Writer, Spencer maybe a Gamer.
OR you don't have to give them jobs!
I don't want you to focus so much on their careers, anyway, it's just more of a side-piece. Instead, the Dwarves worked in the Mines, remember? So let's branch that out and pick one thing from each collectible item and try and complete it!
Example - I'm making George collect all the fish in that collection category! Maybe Bernard could collect frogs, or Dopey could collect snowglobes! Some will be easier than others, so if you're sick of looking for one collection, switch to someone else!

Here are the Sisters , arranged in list of Color for the Rainbow
  1. Arista
    Music Lover, Cheerful, Childish
    Aspiration - Friend of the World
    Fav Music - Hip-Hop / Pipe Organ (or DJ if you don't have vampires)
  2. Attina
    Music Lover, Bookworm, Family Oriented
    Aspiration - Bestselling Author
    Fav Music - Classical / Piano
  3. Adella
    Music Lover, Snob, Romantic
    Aspiration - Serial Romantic
    Fav Music - Singer/Songwriter / Violin
  4. Ariel*
    Music Lover, Outgoing, Loves Outdoors
    Aspiration - Archaeology Scholar
    Aspiration (for those without Jungle Adventures) - Outdoor Enthusiast
    Fav Music - Pop / Piano
  5. Aquata
    Music Lover, Neat, Self-Assured
    Aspiration - Bodybuilder
    Fav Music - Rock’n’Roll / Guitar
  6. Andrina
    Music Lover, Goofball, Genius
    Aspiration - Joke Star
    Fav Music - Pop / Guitar
  7. Alana
    Music Lover, Loner, Loves Outdoors
    Aspiration - Freelance Botanist
    Fav Music - Jazz / Violin

*ARIEL IS NOT A FOUNDER!!! This is not her story, it's her sisters' stories! That being said, the man she gets with from the Dwarves is also not a Founder. If you want to, make this your least favorite Dwarf, such as Grumpy or Doc. I would ask you don't change the Dwarf into Eric in a full transformation, but you can dress them differently from the rest.

Unlike the boys, NO JOBS AT ALL!!! They're rich girls, they don't need no jobs! Instead, focus on their aspirations! Once you complete an aspiration, since some are easier than others, you cannot pick another one. Simply focus on their hobby/skills.
* Attina for sure can have the Parenting aspiration when she gets married.

Some of the girls have a pet! Thanks to Pets being an expansion we have now, I'm listing them below! However, you'll have to have the Master-controller mod for more people in the household OR put the pets in a different household entirely if you refuse to use mods *Ariel could be put in that household after she's created with the rest of her family*
  1. Arista - N/A
  2. Attina - A CATfish named FinFin
  3. Adella - Sluggie?
  4. Ariel - well of COURSE you have to have Flounder and Sebastian! Maybe even Scuttle?
  5. Aquata - she has a stuffed Seahorse named Mr. Fuzzyfinkle. Make him come alive!
  6. Andrina - N/A
  7. Alana - Pet Sea Turtle

Lifespan - Off for Gen 1. Savor this generation, it's your starting one!
If you want to go with the ‘arranged marriage’ idea, you could go red with red such as Grumpy with Arista, however that is not what I intended for this Legacy beginning.
The biggest point of this generation with 12 founders, is that the couples are supposed to be random. For someone, George and Aquata may get together. For another, George might end up with Adriana!
Besides that, focus on skills, relationships, careers, relax! Let the chaos begin!
Once the kids are born, the lifespan is at your discretion.

Once they've all gotten together - separate the households as you see fit so you have plenty of room for babies!

Baby Rules for this Gen
You have to pick one couple out of the 6 you love the most. Have as many children as you want, but you have to have at least two, because one's the baker's wife (or husband), the other is the evil selfish sibling.
The Heir for Gen 2 is a redhead, and the Evil Sibling has to have black hair.

Generation 2 - Cinderella
Anastasia is supposed to be the Heir for this one.
Inspiration - Movie 2 where she falls for the Baker
Requirement - Has to be a Redhead/Ginger
Add the Baker as a Townie when you deem fit, I will probably wait for when she is a Teenager.

More than welcome to have her black haired snobby sibling around to try and ruin things. I like a healthy dose of drama.

Allowed to jump to/from the Baker’s household to help him along in his Baking hobby/career and you can make your own bakery, too!

Generation 3 - Alice in Wonderland
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Requirement - Twins (might have to cheat). Optional suggestion - Blond and Erratic

Generation 4 - Sleeping Beauty
King Hubert is who I chose! He was so funny!
Requirement - Glutton

Generation 5 - Little Mermaid
(Looping back around to Brindleton Bay and Denmark)
My Heir is Carlotta, omg she was glorious
Requirement - Neat

Generation 6 - Beauty and the Beast
Wardrobe, I am going to name her Deborah!
Requirement - I’m going to say blond. Then have her run a fashion store when she’s old enough!
Requirement 2 Significant Other has to be someone from Oasis Springs! You can either stay where you are or move there.

Generation 7 - Aladdin
Move to Oasis Springs!
I chose Razoul, because I thought it would be an interesting twist to try and have a Mean sim find love in someone sweet. Razoul may have been awful to Aladdin, but he did care a lot for Jasmine as her bodyguard.
Requirement - Mean. Also make him a Bodybuilder because Razoul was a mountain.

Generation 8 - Hunchback of Notre Dame
(Get out of the desert! Make one of the worlds look like France!)
Victor is my chosen side character here.
Requirement - Gloomy. Suggestion - have him have 5 children, cheat for all the *same gender* if you gotta. We’re making the Muses!
*Why all same gender? The muses in the movie are, and also because when I was a kid I knew a couple that had 7 kids and they were all female, and one daughter wasn’t even from the same mother as the other 6. It’s a thing that happens.

Generation 9 - Hercules
Oh the muses. From the intro describing the story at the beginning, to I Won’t Say I’m in Love, they were great.
I choose the short one, because I am short and she was fabulous and sassy. Calliope. Muse of Epic Poetry. Seems fitting considering Victor is also quite Poetic, so she can be a daddy’s girl.

Generation 10 - Mulan
Oh, so happy this is gen 10 but also sad I gotta wait so long for one of my top faves.
Who else but the 3 Generals for this one?! Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po!!!
Requirements - Yao/Active, Ling/Goofball, Chien-Po/Glutton. Could cheat for triplets if you want??? I’d totally make Yao the oldest, Ling the middle child, and Chien-Po the baby of the family otherwise!
Requirement 2 - Oh-ho! First time in a long time, since Gen 2, you have to place down their lovers as Townies! Mei, Ting-Ting, and Su! (Mei/Self-Assured, Ting-Ting/Goofball, Su/Foodie)

Generation 11 - Emperor's New Groove
It depressed me the other day my 19-year old coworker didn’t know what this movie was.
KRONK. Who else?!
Requirement - Erratic. Also a Foodie.

Generation 12 - Atlantis
Audry. Because sassy mechanic.
Requirement - Bro or Self-Assured? Both? (Tbd)

Generation 13 - Lilo and Stitch
Requirement - Active. Has to be a Secret Diamond Agent later.

Generation 14 - Treasure Planet
A non-traditional disney princess movie and I LOVE IT SO MUCH OK.
Catty Captain Amelia. Because Cats and Attitude.
Requirement - Ambitious/Self-Assured
Requirement 2 - Doggy Delbert Doppler has to be a Townie <3 OTP IS2G

Generation 15 - Rapunzel
Ah we come to the end.
It was pretty difficult for this one. I kept changing my mind. In the end, I chose Gunther. Why? Interior Design.
Requirement - Creative
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I love this I'm weird and like to have more rules/goals for's going to take me so long to come up with some for these haha
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Its interesting, but some of the movies IDK so can you add optional genrations for Frozen and Pocahontus (sorry if I spelt that roung)
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Originally Posted by CallistaTheSim
Its interesting, but some of the movies IDK so can you add optional genrations for Frozen and Pocahontus (sorry if I spelt that roung)

I have since updated the original post, so if you want to add those Movies/Gens yourself, have at it!
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Originally Posted by crissylp89
I love this I'm weird and like to have more rules/goals for's going to take me so long to come up with some for these haha

I have since updated the original post, please check it out!
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