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The Beauty and the Geek - Opposites can reach the altar?

History: A sports girl and a young genius completely opposites are in search of your great love, but will need to reach the maximum level in the skill of your partner, which is opposite to your.

General objective: Reach soul mate relationship and marry, but only after the geek should be able to raise your skill level 10 gymnast, while the sportsman will do the same with your ability of logic, a must mentorear each other on this journey. They should also have two dates of gold level, but without any woo-hoo before marriage.

Traits: The beauty must have the romantic, outgoing and active traits. Should be on the athlete's career and have the maximum level and charisma and fitness, for that, open the cheat window and type "stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma 10", and after "stats.set_skill_level Skill_Fitness 10". The geek must have the traits don't flirt (or clumsy), solitary and genius. Must start the career of an astronaut and I already have the maximum level of logic, for that use "stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic 10".

Home: There are no restrictions to the size or value of the home, however it is essential that there are two bedrooms and two separate bathrooms since it can only be woo-hoo at the end of the challenge. The rooms can reflect the personality of each. Must possess at least a chess table and a gymnastics apparatus and related (swimming pool, basketball court).

General: only the cheats to the skills described in "traits" should be used, it is also allowed money cheats for the initial construction of the house, then the couple should start with 20,000 simoleons; Obviously, the couple can be of any genre.

Experience: Deepen the friendship between the Sims before reaching dating to have more chances to reach the soul mate relationship, make sure each use your knowledge to help your partner to increase your ability, then a killer wedding and enjoy the first oba-oba.

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