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Default Bring Me Home - Requires Get To Work

Three confused aliens crash landed their ship in a strange world they do not know of. Once finding out they are now on earth, they realize that they need to build a new rocket ship so they can escape back home. But with only a few dollars found on the street, this will be harder than they thought.


Create three aliens, there must be two YA/A and one child of your gender. Remember the YA/A's will be married. (Remember to make them aliens!)

YA/A - This will be your female alien. She can have any traits but her aspiration must be any of the choices under 'Genius'.
YA/A - This will be your male alien. He can have any traits - much like the female - and have any aspiration you choose. Don't forget to make them married!
CHILD - This will be the child of the family. They can be any gender and any traits, but must have the 'Friend Of The World' apsiration.


Build whatever house you wish anywhere in Oasis Springs, but make sure the backyard is big enough for a rocket ship to be built. There needs to be enough room for all of them to live, but under no circumstances can there be any form of technology. If they go on their phones, make sure they DO NOT. For fun they can read, go to places or play on the playground.


1. Turn off aging in settings so that your aliens don't grow up.
2. You must start with $500.
3. Your aliens can have any jobs they wish, or be self-employed. E.g. A painter. (NOT a writer.)
4. By the end of the challenge, all aliens aspirations must be complete and they have to have enough money to purchase a rocket ship.
5. When all the rules are complete and you have enough money, you may build your rocket ship and make every individual sim explore space, after this you will have completed the challenge.

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