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Im not the Owner of this Challenge ..
and this one of the Best Mafia Chalenge's i ever played so Its your Ture to Creat you Very own Mafia Family ...
Good Luck For All.

((This challenge was originally written by MissShaunty for Sims 3 but I loved it so much that I re-wrote it for Sims 4.))

A new sun rises today. You will never be pushed around ever again. You're going to bring your enemies to their knees and rule this city. You and your family will run this place, but beware. There are always enemies lurking behind every corner. (Note: The idea behind these careers is that your family gets involved in everything and 'corrupt' the city and rule the state.

1) Women cannot work once married. They can make money from home(Painting, Gardening, ect)
2) All males must have a career and cannot work from home or own a store.
3) All relationships must be male/female. Any Sims who becomes involved in same-sex relationships and is found to be having said relationship by the family head must leave the household. Remaining members CANNOT talk to them except to ask them to leave the family home.
4) Divorce is FORBIDDEN. If the wife dies then the male head of the household cannot remarry
5) Any time the family head wishes to have a child, they and their wife must try for a baby until pregnant.
6) The first male child Sim to get all A's in High School continues the legacy.
7) Any female Sims that DO NOT get all A's in Grade School cannot continue into High School. They must stay at home with their mother and mind the home with them.
8) All female Sims must leave the home once married.
9) If no males are born by the time the mother becomes an elder/dies then the youngest female may continue the legacy.
10) Maids and Butlers are not allowed until Generation 5
11) Sims can only marry a Sim if their father knows a member of their household.
12) Mother/Wife Sim must make sure the home is clean and their are leftovers in the fridge.
13) Mods that can aid you are not allowed, you must follow the rules of the game(ie: If you have a mod that increases your Sims wages that is not allowed, ect)

Generation 1:
Female must have Family-Orientated Trait
Starter Home must be on a 20x15 lot with 2 Bedrooms, Main room, bathroom
1st bedroom: Just enough room for a double bed
2nd bedroom: just enough room for two single beds
Bathroom: just enough room for shower and toilet
Main room: include kitchen unit(fridge, oven, two counters, one with a sink)and sitting room (Enough seats to sit four sims.)
As you make more money you can extend the home and add other finishings
Family Head must reach top of criminal career, boss branch.

Generation 2:
Family Head must reach top of the Tech Guru Career, Start up Entrepreneur branch.

Generations 3:
Family Head must reach top of Business Career, Manager Branch. Your family may now leave their 20x15 lot and move to a bigger or smaller lot.

Generation 4:
Family Head must reach top of Business Career, Investor Branch. You may hire maids after completing this generation.

Generation 5:
Family Head must reach top of Writing Career, Journalist Branch. Teenage females who do not go to school may now get jobs.

Generation 6:
Family Head must reach top of Police Career. You can now purchase retail stores after this generation. Skip if you don't own Get To Work.

Generation 7:
Family Head must reach top of Secret Agent Career, Villain branch. You no longer have to keep female Sims out of High School if they were not A students in Grade School.

Generation 8(optional):
Reach top of Astronaut Career, Interstellar Smuggler branch. During and after this generation your females can have jobs but not in the Astronaut Career.

Generation 9(optional):
Reach top of Criminal Career, either branch. During and after this generation you may have same-sex couples in your family.(You're the biggest badasses in the state, no one smart is going to give you plum)

((If you have an issues with this please comment and I'll see if I can help you.))
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