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The YouTuber Legacy Challenge (requires City living expansion pack, Outdoor retreat, get to college mod, serial killer mod, and vampire game pack)
I look for a YouTuber challenge with gen, but they don't have it. Since I'm the only one first time creating this, I decide to create it this challenge, but with my favorites on Youtube. If you don't know them, that's fine. If you know them, then your kind of on the right track. If you HATE them, just don't be a jerk in the comments on this post because I don't like people say something mean to me or anyone else.

Okay, but what about the rules?

Well, you can do whatever you want. Mod it, cheat it, make fan fiction stories, put yourself and maybe shipped it with a YouTuber, anything! As long it's appropriate, you'll be fine.

Got it, but how many generations are there and who be in it?

That's easy, 10 generation each YouTuber. Anyway, let's get started!

Gen 1. YouTuber: Markiplier

You got yourself a normal job and everything is fine until something bad happens to your father. His last words were "I love you, so much." and later in the hospital, he is pronounced dead. You were in a depression, you broke up with your girlfriend, and then you go to the hospital for something wrong in your body. You can't take it anymore and decides that you will have to make people happy. How? To become an internet personality.

Traits: Gloomy (then change it into cheerful once he has about 3 million followers), Romantic, and Goofball

Join the Social Media career.
Get promoted to 4 and choose Internet personality.
Have 10 million followers.
Adopt a Toddler (create in CAS)
Take care of your child until he's a young adult.

Gen 2. Youtuber: Ajpcrosser

Your father cared about everyone, including you. Everyone in your class likes your father because of the cooler the YouTubers are than you. You decide to move to another place with your friend, Jake, to go to college and make the best to become an Internet personality.

Traits for Alex: Cheerful, goofball, and good. Traits for Jake: Good, Neat, and Music Lover.


Same thing, but with differences.
Get good grades during college
Get Graduated
Live with Jake.
Get a girlfriend and marry her. (Not Jake, got it?) Optional: Put yourself if you want to get marry with this YouTuber in The Sims 4.
Have a child ( For the next Gen, eat carrots and listen to Alternative music.)
Take care of it until YA.
Jake dies when your child is a kid.
Your wife is evil and you have to kill her.

Gen 3. YouTuber: CaptinSauce

You kind of understand why your mother is evil and the reason she killed your father's best friend. But, the only game you played is The Sims. You decide that you have to forget the past and move on with your life by doing the way that your father and grandfather always enjoy; Making videos to make people happy.

Traits: Cheerful, goofball, and Squeamish.

same thing and more differences.
Don't go to college
Get marry and have a child (same thing to get a boy)
Take care of it until YA.
Fire happens and you die.

Gen 4. Youtuber: MiniLadd

You regret that your father died in the fire, but you move along of your life like your father did and followed his path to become an Internet personality. However, you have been living in the same town since your great Grandfather move there. Instead, you move to Windenburg because you thought moving to another town is a fresh start of being an Internet personality.

Traits: Good, Neat, and Goofball.

Same thing, but differences.
Adopt a baby boy.
Don't get married
Take care of him until YA
You get embarrassed for trying to flirt a girl, wet yourself, someone walks into the bathroom, and then you died.

Gen 5. YouTuber: Jacksepticeye

You thought that the line "I'll die of embarrassment!" just a joke, but it's real. You always try your best at things, so why not to become an Internet personality and a have a kid. But, you have to move back to Newcrest because your great, great Grandfather live there when he moved.

Traits: Goofball, good, and Genuis


Same thing, but with a twist.
Get married.
Have a baby girl. (eat strawberries and listen to pop music to have a girl.)
Take care of it until Teen.
You make jokes too much and you died of laughter.

Gen 6. Youtuber: Laurenside.

It was your fault for asking him to make a lot of jokes, but your mother said it wasn't your fault. You agree with her and decide to become a YouTuber like your family did since your great, great, great grandfather. However, your mother thinks that only boys will be YouTubers. You run away and took Alex's and Jake's urn and they become your roommates. You realize that your last life was Jake because when you're a kid, you have nightmares when someone stabs you in the belly, your mother has to comfort you. You decide to make them YA again and ask them for how to become a YouTuber. However, Alex says that you have to do it by the way you are. You followed that advice and have a child with Jake.

Traits: Cheerful, good, and Self-Assured

Get married and have a baby girl with Jake.
Raise it until YA.
Alex's ex-wife kills him, and Jake sends her to the netherworld for killing him and Alex.

Gen 7. Youtuber: Vixella

Your mother became a YouTuber thanks to your father's best friend. You always want to try it and make people happy like your great, great, great, great Grandfather does. Your mother is so proud of you for doing so. You restored Alex, and you have a love interest in him. Little did you know that Alex has a crush on you since you were born.

Traits: Neat, Cheerful, and Love Outdoors.

Married Alex and have a baby girl.
Raise it until YA.
Nothing bad happens as usual.

Gen 8. Youtuber: ShewolfDeadly.

Your family has been famous since their Founder wants to have a child. You decide that being a YouTuber is fun and you make the best out of it. But, things change when something bad is happening ahead for your child.

Traits: Good, Romantic, and cheerful.

Adopt a Baby boy.
Raise it until YA.
You died of anger because you and your son have an argument. Your son calms down, but you didn't. People yell at you, throw a drink at you and anything that makes's you angry is getting worse.

Gen 9. YouTuber: Bodil40

You feel guilty for getting your mom so mad and it got herself dead. You're a nice guy and you don't like to argue. However, a vampire turns you into one and you live eternally. You decide to become a Youtuber to enjoy your last days of being human, before becoming a Vampire. You met a human woman who was staying at this old house and you have a crush on her. She also has a crush on you too, but wish to be a vampire.

Traits: Good, Cheerful, and Romantic.

Get the girl to become a vampire.
Date and marry her. Required: You may have to your simself to date and married him if you decide not to put yourself during Gen 2.
Have a Baby boy.

Gen 10. Youtuber: Bijuu Mike

Your family history was human until your father turns into a Vampire. You decide to be a Youtuber like his family did for generations and hope that you weren't getting bully like your schoolmates did when you're a kid.

Traits: Good, Clumsy, and Cheerful.

Have level 10 in the Internet Personality career.
Adopt a Toddler that's a vampire. (Create in the CAS)

Any YouTubers in gen 11 you want to include?
Then say it in the comments and I start a poll in google docs. Put your fav YouTuber's channel and I look at their videos.

Additional notes: I try my best to create a challenge, but it was denied. However, I didn't give up. I try and poured it into my heart to make things easier and you can do whatever you like. Anyway, I hope you like this challenge and tell me what you think about. Enjoy!
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Okay, for those who's been wondering "Hold up the phone Xabby, but I can't date Alex since it's the sim's great-great-" I know, I know I forgot, however, I got a good plan.Remember about get married and have a child? Well, how about finding a two sim that a YA female that has a boy child that looks like captain sauce, or you can create one, but don't marry it, just let them become bf and gf and do romantic stuff.Did the problem solve for you? Anyway, comment down and see what I mean. Oh, in case your about to comment, first!
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Is anyone playing this?
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That moment when you only know 3 or 4 of the YouTubers and don't frequently watch any of them
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Or the one that your hoping for isen't there XD
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