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Default Yandere Challenge -Fairly Easy Challenge-
So, does your sim have a little crush on a certain someone? Is there someone in your way to them? Don't let ANYONE stop you!!

Welcome to the Yandere challenge! This is not your usual Yandere Simulator challenge. Matter of fact, this has NOTHING to do with that game!!

1. You cannot make your Yandere when you start a family. You must do it the old fashioned way (Make a male or female sim, make them fall in love, blah blah blah...) Your Yandere can be any gender.
2. Both parents must be alive and at least an Adult before your Yandere is a Teen. (If they are a couple days from being an Adult, then it's fine). Yandere Sim must have a close relationship with her Mother (Maybe her mom was a Yandere???) and either have a bad relationship or just a regular one with her Father. To put it bluntly, Mom must have her friendship bar higher than Dad.
3. Your Yandere must have at least one sibling, and have a very close relationship with them. Minimum siblings is 1 and max is 3. If more than 1 sibling, then you just have to pick a sibling to be good friends with.
4. For "Senpai", can be ANY gender and you can create them in CAS or he/she can be a NPC
5. Your Yandere MUST be a teen

1. You don't have to have the Go to School Mod. If you don't have it, find a hangout spot, or the club to go to.
2. MUST have some sort of murdering mod installed. You know Yandere's "get rid" of his/her rivals
3. When you "Get rid" of your rival, there cannot be a witness to your crime. They can see the Grim get them, but they cannot see you actually "Getting rid" of them. If just 1 person witnesses the elimination, it's an automatic GAME OVER.
4. If "Senpai" talks to someone (doesn't matter what sexuality you make them to be) and they are too friendly, they are a rival.
5. You must get "rid" of 6 rivals of your choice (NPC's or your creation)
6. When your rival is gone, you MUST keep their urn in your master inventory.
7. You will win when you eliminate all 6 rivals by the end of your teen life.
8. When all 6 rivals is get the jiff... SENPAI IS YOURS!!!

1. Like I said, Senpai can be any gender.
2. Must be a teen.
3. You can talk to Senpai, but cannot go higher than "liked" in friendship.
4. You cannot show interest in him/her until rival #3 is eliminated. Interest is asking him/her if they are single, or just one flirt. That is it!
5. When Rival #5 is eliminated, you can give him/her little more interest. Flirt with them at least 3 times.
6.When ALL rivals are eliminated, you can proceed to make a lovely relationship with him/her to your hearts content
7. If Senpai is around, you cannot eliminate your rival in that radius he is in. It depends where you're at, or if you installed the Go to School Mod.
8. If Senpai sees you eliminate a rival, GAME OVER
9. If Senpai denys your interest in him 3 times, GAME OVER
10. You cannot have more than one Senpai. If this Senpai doesn't like you, then the challenge is over.

This is my first challenge I thought up. Let me know if you do this or have any ideas to change the rules up a bit :p
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So I guess no one is gonna try this...
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I think this challenge sounds fun I might give it a go later today!
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Originally Posted by sonne_engel
So I guess no one is gonna try this...

Im so gonna try it on my YT channel!
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Originally Posted by olivia-sims
Im so gonna try it on my YT channel!

Really!!! Awesome!! Link it so I can see and sub to you!!
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bump keep this going
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I'm gonna try this.
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I'll try it!
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bump ...
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Wow! Thanks guys! I cannot wait to see how it went!!

I finished this Challenge not that long ago. It was challenging, but I got it! My Sim (her name is Felicia) finally got Cameron (Senpai). She went as far as killing her BFF since childhood (Hey, she had a crush on him too. She had to go!)
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This is very very interesting! I cannot WAIT to try it!
I had seen a yandere challenge before, but it was actually based off yandere simulator...And to be honest I didn't at all like the rules...This one is very different and I really appreciate it! I love the whole concept of yanderes. It's both sickening and intriguing! I LOVE IT! Thank you for making this challenge more original! And I sadly don't have a YouTube I can share this on, as I am very shy and lazy. But I could take screenshots!
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sounds so fun! i can't wait to do this!
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