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My new challenge #ThePerfectSpouse
So I've created a challenge called #ThePerfectSpouse

If you've created this please tell me. I've randomly thought of this and thought to share my idea.

So here are the rules:

Your spouse; Must have negative traits. Ex: Unflirty, noncommittal, slob. Your spouse must have the aspiration serial romantic.

Your sim. This is the sim you will be playing throughout the challenge. You may use cc for this sim and any sim in the household. But since you'll be playing this sim I would only have cc for this sim, Cc is your choice. You must have the trait good, the rest of your traits can be random. Your aspiration must be soul mate.

Now you can make your spouse a female and play a female sim and have womanxwoman or manxman but your spouse still must have NEGATIVE traits.

Now you will have two kids may be one child and a teen or two teens, or even two children. BOTH OF YOUR KIDS must BOTH be the same gender.

Now the challenge: Your kids have found out your husband is mean to you and has been mean to them. So decide enough is enough but he's abusive so you can't get caught or the challenge is over. Your goal is to get a million dollars to move out and support your kids and a new husband. If this husband has negative traits you must now gain 2 million dollars and try to find a new husband without being caught by your new current one. The challenge ends if you: Get caught by your current spouse.(Once out of the house with your children you must visit the previous spouse at their house so they don't know where you live and divorce them). Your sim dies, or you get a spouse with positive traits.

I recommend you should download sims from the gallery, single people or married, with negative/positive traits for your sim to marry. You start with a spouse with negative traits.

Medium mode: Your spouses with negative traits don't love you, you must sleep on a low comfort bed or couch, you eat leftovers of your spouses plate, in this instance your sim must be a vegetarian, and good with a random picked trait. If your spouse makes a non- vegetarian dish your sim has the choice to eat and get sick or not eat that night.

Hard mode (prob impossible): Your spouse is over protective. Your spouse must have the traits mean, unflirty, and slob. You must have the traits good, vegetarian, and genius. You must clean the house after your spouse. The same rules apply with low comfort and eating in medium. You now must reach 100 million dollars to move out. of your current spouse. Each spouse you have you have to gain another 100 million to move out. Another hard mode option; Your choice you have to have a kid with every negative traited spouse.

Jobs: Your sim may not have a job. Your spouse may not have a job if their traits are negative. Your kids may get jobs to help you.

And last of all: Enjoy

Enter your entries for my challenge with the hashtag #ThePerfectSpouse
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