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Default The "Protective Parent Challenge"
One day there was a beautiful toddler named___ she saw rainbows and happiness in the world! When she was 2 she met and adorable little boy that was her age named___ They were just the sweetest little things you could ever meet! Everyone who met them would just fall in love . Her parents would never let her watch the news. little gergeous____ was really sad because she wanted to see what the world was like! When she turned 16 her and the boy she knew since she was 2 asked her to be his girlfriend. She asked her best friends,her parents,grandparents. They all loved___ since he was that little toddler and said yes! Years later they got married and while___ was pregnant with twins her beloved husband___ Died . He drowned in the pool. She was so devastated. Later she finally started watching the news to see what other horrible things were in the world that she needed to watch out for. She found out there were so many things in the world her parents never told her about when she was younger. Once the twins___&___ were born she was the most protective parent in the world. She didn't know what she would do if she lost her little angels!

Wow, I saw her whole life just typing all of that! I hope you enjoy this is my first ever challenge! Anyway here are some basic rules!
1. The twins CAN NOT talk to anyone unless their mother has a COMPLETELY FULL friendship bar with them! I REPEAT! COMPLETELY FULL FRIENDSHIP BAR!
2. When any sims that don't have a COMPLETELY full friendship bar with the children's mother come over keep the kids in their room and lock the door until that person leaves to make sure they have no interactions with any strangers!
3. If you have the vampires pack lock all of the doors at night to make sure some vampire doesn't show up and try to suck your blood or talk to the kids.
4. I recommend never going out anywhere cause STRANGER DANGER!
5. Don't let the twins go to school! Just make them take a vacation day every single day, if they run out of vacation days just make them skip school. Cause you don't know what happens at school!

Now! Here are the things you might wanna do in CAS (Create A Sim cause some people don't know! aka me when I started sims :p)
The mother can be adult or young adult and she must have traits Family Oriented and Loner (Loner because she doesn't want anyone around her kids) Besides that other traits can be anything! Just make her super responsible and protective and be super creative and go crazy with her look
The twins have to start out as toddlers! (You can try to make the whole lifespan if you want) They can be 1 boy 1 girl, 2 girls, 2 boys and they can have any traits you like! And again be super creative with their look!

STOP were not done yet!! You absolutely MUST send me photos of the sims you made! (This challenge is for sims 4)

Goodbye and enjoy!
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I have made the family but it is kinda difficult for me to screenshot so can you please give me the rest of the details for the challenge
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3rd May 2017 at 7:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Kawaii1creeper
I have made the family but it is kinda difficult for me to screenshot so can you please give me the rest of the details for the challenge

Just go to downloads and type "Screenshot" once you've taken a the screenshot. And what kind of details would you like?
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