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Default The Older Siblings Challenge
The Older Siblings Challenge
Disclaimer: This is a modified version of the original Big Sister Challenge, original rules here Some rules are the same or simply modified for this challenge.

The Overview: The Challenge is to create a family consisting of two teenage siblings, any gender you would like, and a child, of any gender you would like as well. As with the original challenge, unless you have a mod, then you cannot have children alone on a lot, so just add a mother or father and isolate them till they die. Similar to the original, the goal is for the older siblings to earn money and raise their little sibling.

The Rules:
  • • The teenagers and the child can be male or female.
  • • You must still start out with a 20x15 bulldozed (empty) lot.
  • • The siblings still must not interact with anyone else but teenagers and children, no adults or elders, until both of the older siblings grow into a young adult or one of them does.
  • • The older siblings are still not allowed to go to school, but the little sibling can.
  • • The older siblings can have a job, but it is not required, you can make money through hobbies, ie. painting, writing, gardening, etc.
  • • When you start out in the empty lot, you are allowed to spend 7,000 simoleons building and furnishing the house.
  • • The house must contain the following: 3 bedrooms (one per sibling), 1 kitchen, 1 study (for hobbies and homework), 1 bathroom. If you have remaining money you may spend it on the living area only.
  • • You still may spend 1,000 simoleons building and furnishing a garden, containing at least 2 potter boxes. And leftover simoleons can be used to add more to the garden.
  • • The lot still has to be in Oasis Springs.
  • • The sim lifespan must be long.
  • • Must kill the mother or father sim.
  • • The mother or father is allowed to come back as ghosts and interact with their children.
  • • You can travel free of charge, but avoid conversation with adults or elders unless the teenagers has reached the young adult age.
  • • The teenagers can create relationships, such as lovers and enemies if you choose to do so, but they are not allowed to have children until the teenager(s) turns into a young adult.
  • • You still are allowed to move houses if you please, and have the funds.
  • • The younger sibling still may not move out at all, unless he or she dies.
The Older Siblings:
  • Can be either gender
  • One of the siblings must have the Big Happy Family aspiration
  • Can have any traits
The Little Sibling:
  • Can be either gender child
  • Can have any aspiration and traits
The Parent(s):
  • You can still only create the mother or father, or both as you desire.
  • The parent(s) can have any aspiration and traits.

I hope you like this version and if you decide to create a video and upload it tag it with TS4 Older Siblings Challenge. Don’t forget to create a storyline on how the three siblings got the where they are, and what happened to their parents. Remember the rules, and have fun! And thanks to the original creator of the Big Sister Challenge, poballa.
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