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Default [sims3/TSRW/Blender]Create clothes with Blender
I have export a dress mesh with TSRW into .obj file. I edited it with Blender. At this point, all worked fine. But when I import the new mesh to TSRW, it didn't work. The tool didn't import the new mesh, I have an error message.
I made a lot of test with a friend, and we arrived at the conclusion that the problem is with Blender.
I tried :
* with the most recent version of Blender and the 2.6,
* with the last version of TSRW and an old version,
* to import a mesh into Blender and export it without edited it, but it didn't work.
* to rename the group "group 0" and "group 1" with and without this script :

Could you help me ? If it's possible, I don't want to use MilkShape3D.

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Hmm well, the thing is, because the plugins are quite broken, you're basically forced to do everything in Blender>Milkshape> game instead of Blender>game. Renaming things somehow never worked for me, and I know the blender tools should fix that, although the blender tools seem to only work with texture related things sadly, and not with.. well, bones related things, etc. Which is a shame.

So... Milkshape 3D in this case is basically the part where you make things 'game ready' Blender is actually where you make the meshes and prepare it for Milkshape. It's kind of sad, since I would rather have done everything in Blender as well, or a different program like Maya... :/

Also here are the blender tools I was referring to:
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Thank you for your help.
I asked the same question on TSR, and they said that a plugin exist on the TSRW files : C:\Program Files (x86)\The Sims Resource\TSR Workshop\Extras\Blender 2.74
The plugin works. But I can't import the edited wso in TSRW.
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I've always had issues with the TSRW blender tools as well, I do know however that, this one is still very compatible and working really well:

Sadly... I guess regarding Blender, I don't think there's a way to fully create things with it unless someone fixes/creates a new script for it. I would have done it long ago if I had more experiences in writing 3D programming scripts, especially for Blender in this case

Although... one thing that you could try is getting an older version of TSRW if you happen to have the latest one, because the latest one is very much broken:
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I will try with 3DS Max.
I tried with the older version of TSRW and the problem is still there. When I import the wso into TSRW, I have a "dictionnary key" error.
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how do I create clothes
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I tried the plugin with 3DS Max, but it didn't work. I think it's because I don't have the right update. What is the version of 3Ds Max do you use ?
I used 3DS Max 2017.
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I actually still have the 3DS max 2011 version, that one still seems to be compatible. I know after the 2013 versions, the script doesn't really seem to like 3Ds max as much
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Im sorry everyone if I enter in the conversation XD
I actually have one for what I understasnd It´s possible to create clothes in blender, then to milkshape, then to TSRW? it´s easier creating the clothes in blender?
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Originally Posted by TheGmaiden665
Im sorry everyone if I enter in the conversation XD
I actually have one for what I understasnd It´s possible to create clothes in blender, then to milkshape, then to TSRW? it´s easier creating the clothes in blender?

Milkshape is not a very good 3D modeling program compared to Blender, Maya or 3DS Max, so as long as you know how blender works, making clothes in it will be a lot easier than in Milkshape.
one of the things that really annoys me about TSRW is that they really try to force you to use their workflow with .wso files or .obj files, though it is possible to work with GEOM files native to the sims 3 package files.
You can import those GEOM files directly into Blender with my add-on, I'd recommend using this preview of the upcoming new version, as it will allow you to keep the game's original normals.
This will of course require you to have a decent amount of knowledge on how to work Blender and specifically how to work with custom normals and/or the 'data transfer' modifier in Blender, but it does allow you to do everything in Blender, bone weights, UV mapping, etc.

To work with native Sims 3 file formats you will have to go to 'Edit -> Project Contents' in your opened TSRW project and right click -> export the file you need, in this case the GEOM files.
Now you will have to export it as a '.bin' file, then change the file extension to '.simgeom' for it to work with my add-on, I'll make sure to add the .bin file extension to supported file types in it at some point before I properly release the new version. Now you can import this file into Blender and do any edits you want, then when you're done you can simply export it as a .simgeom file, rename it to a .bin extension again and import it into TSRW through the same window you exported it from. Your mesh preview in TSRW might have holes in it, this doesn't mean your mesh is messed up, it's just TSRW messing up.
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