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Originally Posted by Justpetro
The Critters - really, it's not that bad.
I accidentally discovered something a long time ago: you need to teach pets the Come Here command first. Then you can call them to eat!
Once you can call them to eat and they are not dying from hunger, it is a lot easier to train them.

I remember realizing this almost too late, myself! Barely managed to have Cyd train them before they completely starved. He had to keep feeding them treats in the meantime. Once he could call them and they started eating, I'd have him praise them for eating pet food. Cyd later trained up the puppies a bit, then sold them off to various walk-bys. The Ottomas family ended up with one of them. I don't recall where the others went.
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No need to worry about starving them, just leave a plate of sim food on the floor while you train them.

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Alternatively, this works nicely:

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