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Originally Posted by grammapat
But wasn't the Newsons already 8 people? I can have large families, but they have to get to know the Goodies and move them in. I've worked them so many times, often taking over when there are no parents (or incompetent), or adopting, like others do.

Only six. Without mods, there's a maximum of 8 Sims in a household.

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No, the Newsons are six people - two teens, two children, two toddlers.

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I've used them to adopt young sims before--aged down to child Sandy Bruty and Jan Tellerman. I have Tarlia's replacement hoods, so they are retired and have pensions, nurse and doctor, I think . . .

These days though, I've been letting them move into the Pleasantview Retirement Center, together with the Oldies (who would rather go ice skating in hell than live with the Pleasants), Carlos Contender (lonely), Catherine Viejo and Betty Goldstein (too $#@%! much snow shoveling!), and any other elders who don't want to live with their kids or don't have kids. I think the retirement center's motto says "Would you rather play poker and bingo all day than be unpaid babysitter and maid? Move in with us!" I modify the big, sprawling, So-Cal movie-star house behind the Goths so that there are bedrooms that are weather-proof and have doors, put on enough solar panels to not have bills, merge them all together as a household, and have them hire a butler. Then they do whatever they want without regard for social necessities. For the Goodies, that's skill and canoodle. For Catherine and Carlos, there's a hot tub and canoodling. For Betty, the career she always dreamed of, and Carlos when she wants. Catherine doesn't care. For the Oldies, that's canoodle, and Coral tries to befriend the granddaughters and Herb eyeballs the other ladies. And poker and pool and bingo . . . and the butler cooks the meals and washes the dishes.

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Faith has died in the meantime. Looks as if Herbert may marry again
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being Townies because I genuinely don't know what to do with them.

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I think they're still in the bin. Either that or they've long gone.
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