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Default Alice in Wonderland Legacy Challenge
Alice in Wonderland Legacy Challenge

Start on whichever lot you would like. With your remaining money build a small starter home, this will be Alice’s Cottage:
One bedroom: can only fit in one double bed, one desk and one easel
One bathroom: sink, shower, and cheapest toilet
One small living room: can only fit in a loveseat and a small tv
One small kitchen: cheapest fridge, two counters, cheapest stove
You may decorate as you like with the remaining money. However you must start living with only 150 simoleons in your account.

Gen 1 — Alice Lidell
This Sim has fallen down a rabbit hole from one world to the another one. She bumped her head and now has amnesia. Will she be able to build a new life in Wonderland?
Traits: Creative, Childish, Loves the Outdoors
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Career: Painter
— Must be female and young adult
— Must master painting career and aspiration
— Must have a garden with at least 10 different species of plants
— Must get married and have 2 kids

Gen 2 — Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat is a mischievous sim, they love to cause trouble and love their sibling more than life. Cheshire is always up to some ‘playful’ fun.
Traits: Goofball, Family Oriented, Cheerful
Aspiration: Chief of Mischief/Joke Star
Career: Entertainment
— Must master entertainment career, choose the comedian branch, and master aspiration
— Have a best friend relationship with sibling
— Get married and have one child
— Ignore your child and focus on your career

Gen 3 — Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter has never had a good relationship with their parent. So they’ve taken shelter in their bedroom and only talks to the stuffed bear and has tea parties with them.
Traits: Insane, Loner, Hot-Headed
Aspiration: Anything other than the Romance and Popularity aspirations
Career: Writer
— Must complete writer career and aspiration
— Must not have a good relationship with parents
— Cannot leave home lot, only time the can is when the adopt one child
— Adopt 1 child
— Die unmarried

Gen 4 — March Hare
March Hare has grown up with an insane adoptive parent. With no real stable parental support, they have taken up cooking to soothe their own sorrows. However March Hare craves love and will do anything to find it.
Traits: Foodie, Romantic, Jealous
Aspiration: Master Chef
Career: Culinary
— Must master aspiration and career
— Must complete both skills for Cooking and Gourmet Cooking
— Must find spouse as a teenager
— Marry spouse and have any number of children
— Have a spouse and accidentally kill them with fire while cooking (you may use cheats if necessary)

Gen 5 — Dormouse
Dormouse had a lovely childhood… until March Hare set their parent on fire. Now they live their life in front of a computer screen and sleeping on the couch.
Traits: Lazy, Gloomy, Slob
Aspiration: Computer Wiz
Career: Tech Guru
— Must master aspiration and career
— Must find their spouse through the computer (can also be found at work)
— Marry their spouse and have 1 child

Gen 6 — White Rabbit
White Rabbit spent more time with their parent than Dormouse, as a result they have a very good relationship with their parent. But they also love the outdoors, especially staring at the sky and looking at the stars at night. Unlike their namesake, White Rabbit, has no concern for the time they spend.
Traits: Outgoing, Genius, Geek
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Career: Astronaut
— Must master aspiration and career
— Build a rocket ship and fly to Sixam
— Befriend an alien
— Marry as an adult to a rich spouse and have 3 children

Gen 7 — Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts never cared for White Rabbits outgoing happiness. They are more concerned with the social status in the world. They have no time for the “peasants”.
Traits: Snob, Materialistic, Self-Assured
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Career: Business
— Must master aspiration and career
— Meet someone and form a friends with benefit relationship
— Have an accidental child (you may use the Risky Woohoo mod for this)
— Break off the relationship and don’t allow the sim to see their child

Gen 8 — White Queen
White Queen is the perfect little angel, not that her mother cares. She was viewed as an accident and ignored by both her parents. After being lied to for so long she doesn’t know whats fiction and what is truth. So they decide to find out their origin.
Traits: Cheerful, Clumsy, Perfectionist
Aspiration: The Curator
Career: Does not matter
— Must master aspiration and/or career
— Must have a bad relationship with their mother, and must not meet their other parent until young adulthood.
— Build a cemetery containing all their family members right up to the founder
— Legacy ends there, feel free to continue
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