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sub-neighborhoods and/or content for them.
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Remember in Sims 2 when you could buy cool steampunk themed items in the store? Yeah, I miss that.

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Elder clothes using the original Maxis meshes. Recolors, shoe swaps, for those of us who don't mind their shape. The shapes don't bother me, the drab colors and old fashion prints do. Oh, and shoes, too many 'weak' ankle looks or barely any ankle, looks painful to me. Personally I don't like seeing my elders wearing the exact same clothes as teens, YAs or adults, and there are other choices around for those who don't care for Maxis shapes. (:

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Mod Your Hood

Hood Deco! Maybe there's some unique buildings or structures from one of the SimCity games that you'd like to import, to fill out your hood. Maybe athletic fields or a large statue of someone or something. Maybe a dome or a giant observatory? Maybe you want a Pentagon or an Eiffel Tower or some other kind of sim-based landmark? a Simlish "HOLLYWOOD" sign. Maybe you want some new kinds of flowers or trees, or just a better selection? Greenhouses or more farm equipment? Mills! Places where sim's careers can take place. Your sim goes of to work... but where?? Schools! Highways and overpasses. Maybe you want a railroad, with an old steam engine that goes into a tunnel through your mountains? Perhaps you would like an abandoned mine shaft? Perhaps you want to see wild mustangs or maybe vultures circling overhead in your scorching 118ºF desert. Maybe you want teepees and smoke signals for your western neighborhood? An aqueduct! New rocks boulders! A trickling stream, so when you have a stream running through your sim's back yard it doesn't look like a fissure in the earth, that happens to start and end at the edges of the property? heck with streams, how about rivers!

Anything to add to the most neglected of ALL the CC categories: hood deco! Just think of all the possibilities! They're damn near endless! That's my suggestion. And there's more where that came from, too!

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Hi there!

Has there been a decision on the theme? If not, I just want to second the request for period themes, and in particular 1920's/1930's, as I think there really are many gaps, from clothes (male and female, and for different ages) and even hairstyles to bodyshop accessories (hats, for instance), or things like DRs - carpool replacements, please!!! There are lovely pictures and designs on the internet, and there are some conversions from other games that could be made to help with this theme - some of which I still am surprised to see they haven't been made. Just a few suggestions...

Looking forward to finding out the decision!
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Originally Posted by Alvilda2011
Pop Culture
Books (Harry Potter, twilight, hunger games ect)
Vampire/Victorian (Not much I can find that I like...)

I'm voting on this one for Horror. (And I'm including 'vampire' in with 'horror'...)

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With all the interest in periods/eras of history - can we revisit, and maybe re-open the "Challenges" here on MTS2?
They included: The Ancients, Old Hollywood, Fairytale, Farm/Rural, SciFi, Victorian London, Neanderthal, Stuff for Kids, and Medieval.
They are listed (for TS2, anyway) at the top of the Download page under "Challenge Themes" - but they are not open for entries anymore.
So my personal achievements page says: This member has not entered any challenges!
And, I would really like to remedy that - by entering each of the "challenges"!

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stuff related to the creatures; mods/hacks, sim parts.
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Stuff related to custom foods from any culture and custom books of any genre (fiction, poetry, and nonfiction).
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This is my first time participating in the forum but what about Teenagers?
Since there is no university for them to attend before joining the workforce (in TS4 at least), let them have a blast in their dwindling period of carefree childhood.
Graffiti, skateboards, concert, or whatever these rambunctious young sims are up to these days
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Heroes and heroics, which could include anything related to comic book type superheros, other hero type characters such as Robin Hood and Zorro, more everyday heroes like firefighters, medical personnel, police, etc. (Basically, however you interpret "hero" and "heroic" and how that could related to Sims CC.)
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Russian or post-Soviet theme

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List of ideas for Theme
  • Superhero - Make clothes, a lot, neighborhood, mod based on dc or marvel superhero or just make your own.
  • Fame - Make real or made-up celebrity, make career or anything that they can earn money. (e.g. Singing)
  • City - More focus on a neighborhood with loads of housing and community lot.
  • Game - CC hat is based on the video game. e.g. Minecraft, Fornite
  • High Fashion - Make a designer clothes whether it 'New Look', Calvin Klein or just make your own simish clothes brand
  • Fantasy - Have a pet dragon and learn more spell.
  • Crime - Mod that allows you to steal, police station basically illegal stuff (Drugs we can't add due to MTS guideline)
  • Makeover - Basically make your own version of Maxis' neighborhood, a lot, sims etc.
  • Carrer - Make objects and lot based on Sims' Career. e.g. Fire Station, Police Station etc.
  • Recreate - E.g. Recreate Goth Family form Sims 1 to Sims 3

    I hope these ideas help anyone of you whether it idea for a theme or just to make them.
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