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The Homemaker Challenge- REALLY HARD
Okay, so I did NOT invent this challenge, but I've tweaked it over the years so much that it feels like my baby lol. But yeah, I am not the inventor of the actual challenge. From what I understand someone converted this also for TS3 but I've never tried it.

The idea is, to have 2 sims grow a family of 6 (four children) for at least six or seven generations but good on you if you can make it through 10 generations. I mean you can also challenge yourself to see how many generations in you can go but... good luck it's a SOB! lol One sim is called the "Homemaker" and the other is called the "Breadwinner". You can choose whichever Sim you want to fill each roll, there aren't any restrictions, however you want to play it as long as all 4 children share the same DNA of both parents. The Homemaker stays at home and takes care of the family. They do all the cooking, cleaning and raising the children so to speak. The Breadwinner is in charge of bringing in moo-lah and doing whatever they need to do to get promoted. This is where the challenge rules end because it was never finished to fit all the expansion packs so... that's where I started developing my own rules.

How To Play
Step One:
Enter CAS (Create a Sim) mode and create two Sims of your choice. You will have an easier time if one of them is a Fortune Sim and the other is a Family but pick whatever aspirations you’re inclined to.
-You can either choose YA (Young Adult/University) which will make your challenge easier in the long run but takes longer to play. I personally like this option as it feels like you are giving the challenge a more realistic feel with questions for the future family you’re about to venture like: “How did my parents meet?” and “What kind of drama happened before I was born?” So to speak. If you choose this option scroll down to the University Homemaker Challenge which is something I did fully create.
—Or you can create your Adult Sims and jump into the challenge right away but have a much difficult time with issues like finances and other such things but is still a fun option to play. If you choose this, in CAS go ahead and label your Sims as married/partnered.
-If you choose University please scroll down and read the University version-

Step Two:
In your neighborhood, setup ten empty lots from the smallest to the tenth largest anywhere in the neighborhood and move your Sims into the smallest lot.

Step Three:
If you played University, throw a wedding AND book a vacation (honeymoon).
If you skipped University your not going to have a lot of $$ so feel free to skip the honeymoon if you are so inclined. Go Woohoo and get that first child procreated!

Job Details:
—Have your Breadwinner apply for a job. I recommend you pick any job even if it isn’t the “right” job for your Breadwinners aspiration. Money will become very important very quickly and you need to collect as much of it as you can right away. If either of your Sims want have Pets as their LTW (Lifetime Want), go ahead and adopt one for now. If your Sim LTW is to own 5 Top level Businesses you can make a home business but it’s not recommended as your lot will be very busy very soon. You can have a job and run a business if you feel like you can handle both but I recommend one or the other. Homemaker cannot help with any family business until at least one child is a teen to watch the children. You can hire Sims to help you but they cannot work more than an eight hour day so pay attention to when your employee clocks on.

—The Homemaker is responsible for raising the children, keeping the house clean and cooking all the meals. The Breadwinner can help a little, especially if your Homemaker is desperate and needs are about to deplete but the primary goal is to have the Homemaker responsible for about 85% of cleaning and cooking. The Homemaker needs to teach the children how to Talk, Walk, Use the Potty but the Breadwinner can help put children to bed, feed bottles, dress them, and teach nursery rhymes when you have two or more children already born. For an extra challenge, all clothing for your children be made by the Homemaker with a sewing machine. (Freetime expansion pack required)

Either or Both Sims
-Either parent can help with Homework help. But the Breadwinner is the one who invites the Headmaster over and gives the tour while the Homemaker makes the meal. Each child must get into private school.
-To keep the spark alive, both the Breadwinner and the Homemaker must go on at least one date a week. You can only hire a nanny/babysitter for this one time. The nanny/babysitter must leave as soon as the Sims return/end the date.
-Your Sims must go on at least two family vacations, more if you choose or can afford to. Everyone who is eligible must go. Toddlers, babies and pets cannot and you may hire a nanny/babysitter.
When Sims children are teenagers, have each teen get a job and acquire as many scholarships as possible. Teenagers can also do chores with cleaning and help raising their younger siblings as long as it does not interfere with teaching skills of the Homemaker. On the flip side, have your teenagers lash out with things like sneaking out, dating and/or running away.

Ways to Make Money:
-Breadwinner has a job
-Either Sim can: Paint Art, Write Books, Collect Money from the Money tree, have pets have jobs* (Breadwinner must teach skills to pet to get promoted but either Sim can take care of it IE: Feed/wash), Have a hobby that earns money
-Run a business* (Older teens can help with business but children can not)

NPCS (Non Playable Characters):
-Your Sims may not hire a maid or butler at any time.
-Your Sims may hire a nanny/babysitter to go out dates or vacation.
-Your Sims can order takeout (IE: pizza or Chinese) once a week.

Step Four:
The first round of each challenge (remember there are going to be many of them) ends when the eldest child of each household either grows up or is done with University. Regardless of gender, the eldest child is the next Breadwinner. They must move into the next smallest lot then marry and follow all the other rules (honeymoons are optional) from the previous generation. You don't have to play with any of the other 3 siblings from the previous generations although I think it's more fun when you do.

That’s it! I hope you try and take on this really difficult challenge and have lots of fun!
Thank you and goodnight!
Hi there, if you chose to play the University Homemaker challenge, please read the following.
Moving In:
After creating two YA Sims move them into a dorm. You can move off campus if you choose after at least one semester but its not recommended. (Immerse yourself in college life after all) Choose your rooms and have your Breadwinner and Homemaker introduce each other and talk.
Freshman Goals:
Be just friends with your SO (significant other)
Meet all Freshman requirements
Be friends with a professor
Be friends with at least one dormie.
Get a 4.0 GPA
Sophomore Goals:
Go on one date with your SO
Explore at least two off campus locations
Become friends with two University Sims that are not apart of the Secret Society or either Greek Houses. (Secret Society members were black jackets and can be found walking by your house or on off campus lots. Greek House members you can view before entering any lot and reading the titles of the premade selectable house Sims)
Choose a major
Meet all Sophomore requirements
Junior Goals:
Join a Greek house and move in or start your own
Throw at least five parties
Meet all Junior requirements
If you want to change your Sims aspiration now is the only time (unless it’s for Grilled Cheese)
Play the field/explore your options- Go on at least one date with another Sim that’s not your SO
Senior Goals:
Become a member of the Secret Society
Go on a date and become engaged to your SO
Meet all Senior requirements
Woohoo with your SO
Graduate with Honors
Throw graduation party
Now you can scroll up and go to Step 2 of the challenge
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What about suprise alien abduction of the Breadwinner? Start a new, switch roles (if there is no normal offspring), give up the kid for adoption?
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Hi Kosti! I am so sorry this is almost a year late. Any children born in game that do not share DNA of both the Homemaker and the Breadwinner do not technically count towards the child goal of raising 4 children.
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I now have a new custom town all set up, my newlyweds have moved in. Breadwinner has found a job and thier first baby has arrived! Needed to build on a 1x1 lot seeing how my game is modded. Oh my! Raising 4 children in this tiny home presents a challenge all in its self. Also following the Original Posters blog story sharing her journey with this. Doing my best to mind the rules. Mods include aging (longer life spans), more dangerous fire and a disease mod which were already installed and can't be removed without interfering with story progression in other unrelated neighborhoods.
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I am so excited for you teafortwo! I hope it goes well and hope to see how your journey goes!

I've been documenting mine for the last month-ish on my blog here Chapter 9 should be up pretty soon
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Originally Posted by thisfatfunnylife
I am so excited for you teafortwo! I hope it goes well and hope to see how your journey goes!

I've been documenting mine for the last month-ish on my blog here Chapter 9 should be up pretty soon

I am very much enjoying following your blog! And I love how we can all play together while miles apart by sharing our stories. Being introduced to this challenge has come at a good time as I needed a way to get away and rest my mind. I expect others have the same need. I will find a way to share my journey through this challenge. Thank you for the work you have and are putting into sharing this.
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