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Default Supernatural 100 Baby Challenge
Welcome to the Supernatural 100 Baby Challenge! The purpose of this challenge is to, obviously, have 100 babies in as few generations as possible!
Here are the original 100 Baby Challenge Rules:
You will need the Supernatural EP


Your sim came from a very well respected family, and was adored by most of the town during her childhood. As she grew older, she realized that all of her old friends were having babies. Lots of babies. Your sim hated this, because everyone was slowly turning their attention to having babies and raising them! Your sim turned to magic, hoping to eradicate these little beasts, but everywhere you went, people would ask, "You should have children! They are wonderful!"
So you threw away the elixirs you had and decided to have children. 100 of them, to be exact.


Make a YA female sim, and assign her one of the supernatural life states. You should dress her in very fancy clothing, and give her a stylish hairdo.
Family Oriented
This trait is up to you

Next, make a YA sim, with whatever gender you choose. They must be human, as they will be your servant. They must dress in standard clothing, and have a simple hairstyle, and no makeup, if the servant is a female.
Natural cook
Family Oriented
Supernatural Skeptic


You may use the freerealestate cheat to get yourself the best house available, or you may build one with unlimited funds. Your founder is supposed to live luxuriously.
The house, at a minimum, must include:

A nursery with 4 cribs and two potty chairs
A boy's room, with two bunk beds
A girl's room with two bunk beds
A servant's quarters with a cheap bed, a cheap crib, a potty chair, and a cheap single bed, and a hobby item
A separate kitchen and dining room (Who would want to dine with their hired help?)
A master suite
A garden
An outdoor play area for the children

The founder may not get a job
The servant must do all of the cooking and cleaning for the family
The servant must grow all of the produce (Unless the founder is a fairy and decides to help)
The founder should try to not be involved in her children's upbringing
The founder may not take a consort until she is done having children
The servant must have a child before they age into an elder
Babies may be aged up immediately
Toddler need to know how to walk, talk, and potty before aging up.
Children and teen need to have a solid A for THREE days before aging up.
YA's may not have a job unless moved out
YA's are not allowed to be married unless moved out
Teens and children are not permitted to go to a boarding school
The servant's offspring must help out around the house as much as they can while growing up.
You may only pick three of the children's traits. The rest have to randomized.
You may not hire any help, whatsoever. That's what the servant is for.
No adoption! You must birth the 100 children yourself!
The founder can go into town whenever for whatever reason.
The founder may only have offspring with one partner TWICE
The youngest daughter carries on the challenge.
You must replace the servant!!! (see below)

The founder is allowed to have a baby with the servant, and it is up to you whether the baby will count towards the 100 babies (They get to live like a rich person) or if the baby will be raised by the servant (The baby does not count towards the 100 babies). You may only have offspring with the servant ONCE!
If the servant has twins or triplets, you are allowed to move one or two out (depending on how many the servant has), so you have a remaining servant. You can, of course, keep all of the babies for servants, but unless you have a mod, it will take longer to finish the challenge.
If the founder and the servant have more than one child together, you may keep one as a servant and the other(s) towards the 100 babies, or they may all count towards the 100 babies.
The servant and the founder can share a baby daddy if you want.

If the servant somehow manages to die before having a baby, you must move someone into your household!

Scoring (Optional):
Each child successfully raised to the next life stage: 10 points
Each servant successfully raised to YA: 10 points
Each generation completed: 15 points
Each supernatural baby: 5 points
Mother's involvement in the upbringing: -2 points per child, per life stage
Social services are called: -10 points per child
Death of a child other than old age: -10 points per child
Death of founder before the next generation: -All your points, minus 5. The challenge is over.

I hope you enjoy this challenge!
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Bumping this because it's been forever since I posted.
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Bumping cause it's been three months lol
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I found the differences very interesting and "copy-pasted" your post. No guarantee I will be able to do it - but I "collect" and create, especially patterns. On the Sims3 Site I am SimsplyRuth. I hope some day I will learn how to actually play!
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Doing this right now!!
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Confused on the servent thing
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Originally Posted by lizzie2223
Confused on the servent thing

What are you confused about?
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Been doing this challenge for a while but without the servant and it’s been so fun so far ! Now on my second generation.
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