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Default CEL Larger Than Life table legs (where they at?)
I was really hoping that long table with the center runner was suffering from a case of lazy creation when all the legs were the same, but it appears the wood texture is stored in some pocket universe where the brave dare not go. Or it's somewhere obvious in SimPE that I just don't know about. Nowhere on the exported textures even offers a spot for trying, so basically, anybody know where those legs are? I'd really, really love to include these tables in a recolour set I'm working on, but the default medium wood legs would look out of place. Please and thank you! ^_^
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Seems they're non-recolorable. When cloning the table they're a separate texture named legs-wood. Looks like a few of the other tables in the CEL pack has the same issue.

There's a chance you can find a CEP-extra for the legs, but since the table already has two recolorable subsets it's possible that's going to be tricky (objects can only have 2 recolorable subsets, and this already has 2. It's possible to do some trickery, but most likely it would require the legs to be a separate object. That, or some major UV remapping, which would most likely break the original recolors).

Another option is to make a default replacement recolor for the legs in maybe white, grey or black, so they fit most recolors.
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That's some great information-- thank you so very much! I know zilch about creating default replacements, but that may be the only way to achieve this. Looks like I'm going to have to at least peek into that rabbit hole... Or possibly, run away shouting, "Table? What table??" Either way, really, thank you!
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Defaults are relatively easy to make:

- Find and extract the TXTR you want to default, right-click and extract it (not the texture but the actual resource), extract the TXMT too if you want to make changes to the gloss, reflection, or anything else the TXMT controls (not always needed). You may also need to extract the LIFO resources for the texture, if there are any.
- Then select "file -> new" in SimPE - right-click in the "Resource View -> import", select the files (they'll have 4x4 digit Hex numbers separated with -)
- Edit the texture in your editing program of choice (Photoshop, Gimp...) - you can make the texture larger if need be, but keep the proportions (for instance 256x256 --> 512x512)
- replace the texture (use DXT3 or DXT5, not "import"), click commit
- change the settings in the TXMT if needed.
- Save the file.

Haven't looked it over, but this tutorial might be of help if anything is unclear:
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Oh my gosh, that looks so much easier than the tutorials I looked at yesterday. I might still get a little tripped up by what "the actual resource" is, but I'm reassured enough by these instructions to give it a try.

(I'd decided to try making a clone with metal legs, but a replacement would be so much better.)

Just the fact that I need to clone the table even to find the legs makes me a little nervous, but imma go for it. Thank you so much for your help!! Will report back with success or... don't wanna say failure, but yeah. ;p
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By "the actual resource" I mean you have to right-click the resource/file/line in the Resource View and choose "extract". This extracts the resource itself, and not just the texture (in the case of the TXTR or LIFO).

When it comes to default replacements, you'd have to screw them up really bad to completely ruin something in your game. Most of the time, any issues are fixed by simply removing the file from your Downloads folder (possibly also deleting cache files). For textures, it's basically "find the textures you want to replace and extract them, make a new file, import resources, change the textures, save the file". Default-replacing meshes can be a bit more difficult, though.

Texture default replacements are easy to learn how to do. It's the first thing I ever learned to do in SimPE (infant outfits - to the point where I now have more than I'll ever use ingame, and then some - and that's not counting non-defaults... ).
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omg. OMG!! Done. So easy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I figured out what had me so confused. I did make sense of extracting the resource (instead of just exporting the txtr). I also figured out that I needed to go into the program files, to the game's copy of the table, and extract THAT copy of the legs (all up in the expansion pack, 3D, objectswhatever). Found the txtr, right-click, extracted it. New SimPE package file, Add (didn't have import option, but I made the enormous intuitive leap ;p) the extracted bit, clicked the txtr to export it a la regular recolouring, built the recolour, saved the whole puppy, and bang, had my very first default replacement done. WooHOO!!!!!

I did need to remove it from my DLs and restart SimPE in order to recolour the actual object, as SimPE had a total seizure on the subset selection part -- couldn't call up any of the textures, just stayed grayed out and unable to select or anything. Easy enough to solve, though, and so far, so good! Just going to make sure the recolours I'm about to do will play nice and all, and then it's time to start putting together an upload!

Sincerely, simmer22, you have made this SO much easier than I ever expected. Thank you again, so very, very much!!!
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A couple of simple tutorials (in case you have no clue what DXT is, how to install it, and how to use it) (for infant outfits, but the same method can be used for other texture defaults, as long as you have the proper texture to start out with)

I prefer using DXT3 or 5 for everything, because DXT1 and the default "import" function give a lower quality texture. If the texture has invisible parts, DXT3 is fine - but if it has varying degrees of transparency, DXT5 gives a better result. You can also use DDS files (they contain both the texture and the alpha).

If you know or can guess the name of the texture, you can use the "Finder" function in SimPE (it's one of the tabs at the bottom). Use the "name map" option in the dropdown box, and write in your search word. Saves you from having to look through the entire file.
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I agree; DXT3 gives a much better result, even if you don't have transparency. Unless I'm doing a very plain recolour I almost always use 3 (and even then I sometimes end up importing individual resized pics for the smaller resolutions, given the way the textures aren't always "crunched" very well when downsized).

That "finder" tip is going to be a HUGE time saver for me -- thank you, and thank you again so much for all your on-point and easy to understand help with this. I just uploaded my default replacement table right here, and I don't know if I'd ever have pieced it all together without your guidance. ♥♥♥
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