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Default Recolors of existing modthesims content MiscComfort_VersaillesCarvedAndGildedBeechSeat
This is a recolor of the wonderful medieval Versailles Carved and Gilded Beech Seat here crafted by TheJim07 (original mesh creator). This item contains his original mesh and will not conflict with the original.

Main Credit: Jim07, Link to his original TS4 creation:

Information About Mesh from his link:
Polygon Counts:

Information on in Game Item:
Carved and gilded beech seat (6490§/Env.10) - Misc. Comfort
Swatches designed by me to use white/silver furniture with various sofa recolors/designs: 25 swatches
Note: redesigned to remove any image patterns not open domain

Additional Item Credit:
Flower Pattern:
Persian Rug Patterns:
Aqua Geometric Rug Pattern:
EA/Maxis: Brocade patterns from TS3.
Paint Shop Pro 2018 Ultimate with various PSP textures/effects
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No one has answered this one either, and often people don't comment if they feel unsure about something. In this case I wonder if you have the rights covered. Have you talked to TheJim07 about that?
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