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#1 Old 1st Nov 2018 at 11:34 PM
Default Back To School - New Creator Theme
Our next Creator Theme is Back to School! (See? I told you those runner-up themes were coming. )

Whether your Sim is a child moving up to the next grade level or an adult looking to start a new career field, it's time to dust off those books and sharpen those pencils. Let's teach your Sims a thing or two! Please use #themeBackToSchool as the hash tag in your new uploads for the theme, and as usual you will get a shiny new achievement sticker at the end of the theme. This one lasts the usual length, through November and December.

Now on to those who have earned a sticker for this last theme, Elders! If you haven't gotten your theme sticker in a week or so please let us know!

BadeLavellanGrandma's Fridge (Appliances)
dhardenLighter recolors of Michelle's Less Saggy EF Undies (Underwear)
greasemonkey98Whistler's Mother or "Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1" (Decorative)
MyWickedSimsSportswear for your male elders! (Athletic)
kestrellyn"Met New Great-Grandchild" memory (Global Mods)
SimmillerRedesigned with Grandma's Style - Select Item Recolours (Living)
SimmillerRedesigned with Grandpa's Style - Select Item Recolours (Living)
JustpetroFive retirement homes - no CC with low foundations (Residential)
spladoumOut of Office--Elder Short Set Outfit BG Compatible (Everyday)
HCACDon't Call Me Grandpa--Three Every Day Outfits for the Stylish Elder Male (Everyday)
araynahColorful Japanese Rugs (Decorative)
MichelleFallout 4 Vault Jumpsuit (Everyday)
LyraleiOh My Granny! - TS3/2 to TS4 underwear (Sleepwear)
Brunnis-2Dame Edna Everage (Celebrities & Real People)
joandsarah77Golden Wedding Anniversary Cards for use with MogHughson's Postal System (Hobbies)
SimFusedEldermerry Place ~ Retirement Home for Two! (Residential)
KestinPretty Granny Dresses - 5 New Colors (Everyday)
CatherineTCJDSimCity RV ~ Retirement Village ~ a 55+ Community (Apartments)
XxCTxXElder Female Vests: A Base Game Recolour (Everyday)
Brunnis-2Sir Jasper Swimsuit (Elder Male) (Swimwear)
Brunnis-2Tubbs & Edward (League of Gentlemen) (Horror / Gothic)
AdeLanaSP"Golden autumn" - Collection of clothes for Elder Female (Everyday)
SimmillerGrandpa's New Duds (Everyday)
JawusaFemale Maxis Child Dress Converted to Adults & Elders (Everyday)
SimmillerGrandma's New Duds (Everyday)
LizGradient Trunks for Elder Men (Swimwear)
joandsarah77Magnolia Court Retirement Village (No CC) (Apartments)
SimmillerOh My Granny! Underwear Set by Lyralei - Recolours (Sleepwear)
MichelleElder Male Swimwear in 56 Recolours (Swimwear)
MichelleSchmidt's Wunder Tub in Vintage Colours (Plumbing)
CharityAsher & Jeshal for EM (Everyday)
billielithTIMELESS for Senior Executives (Everyday)
AdeLanaSP"Golden autumn 2" - Collection of clothes for Elder Female (Everyday)
allison731Granny's House (Residential)
MichelleCheap Eazzzzze Puffy Recliner Recolours (Comfort)
TheSweetSimmer6 Recolors of Granny's Underwear (Underwear)
MichelleContempto Adirondack Rocking Chair (Comfort)
gdayarsSheer Lace Recolors of Cat's Bow Blouse For Elderly Ladies (Everyday)
HellfrozeoverMs. Muriel P. Finster (Anime, Comic & Gaming Characters)
LizGradient Suits for Elder Women (Swimwear)
billielithThis Is Your Moment (Everyday)

I don't mind if you call me "MSD" or something for short.
Perhaps someday I'll have leisure time back...
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23rd Nov 2018 at 6:33 PM
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#2 Old 9th Jan 2019 at 1:57 AM
...just wondering when the #themeBackToSchool stickers will be going around? If they've already gone out, then I missed mine.

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#3 Old 15th Jan 2019 at 6:51 PM
And I'm waiting. I also want to learn a new Creator Theme.
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#4 Old 16th Jan 2019 at 12:59 AM
If anyone doesn't have their sticker now, please let us know.

I don't mind if you call me "MSD" or something for short.
Perhaps someday I'll have leisure time back...
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