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Default Donation Question
My donation for the month of March as been processed and paid for. My question is about the card I use to make donations with; it is going to expire next month.

In the event that the bank sends me a new card with a new number, do the payments still go through regardless or will I have to go through the sign up process again? It isn't a big deal if it's the later, but as soon as my new card comes up, I'll be updating my PayPal info.

Thanks in advance.
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Hello! Sorry you didn't receive a response earlier.

For any issues with card-number changes, you would want to contact Paypal directly, because how they handle it would hold, whether for MTS or for any other recurring subscriptions you have that use Paypal as a form of payment.

But more important, if you promptly updated your Paypal account with the new card's number, then it sounds like you ensured on your own that there would no problem. Thank you!

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