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Default MTS March starter speedbuild challenge!
First off, fabulous work with the Crumplebottom Challenge! It's been great to see everybody's creativity..very creative ideas.

But now, get those games loaded, get those snacks bought and get ready, because here comes the March installment of the speed build challenge! This time we're starting out a bit differently...this time, we challenge you to build a starter lot!

Sounds great..tell me more?

This time, you'll be building free form! Of course, as this is a starter, the lot cost must be under:
  • 20,000 for TS2 and TS4
  • 17,000 for TS3
So choose your favourite game, and get building!

How does this work?

This is a timed event- so you will have 2 hours in which to complete the challenge. Join in on our live chat Discord! At the start of each session, all of us log in and begin to build! Make sure you post pictures of your lot so far every 30 minutes, whether you are joining us on the day, or building along so we can all see how you're progressing, and then when it's all over, you get to show off your finished lot in chat!

When will this happen? Where will this happen?


The MTS Discord Server is where all the fun will happen, in a special text channel created just for the event.


Saturday, 30th March, and you can see each session's times here. We will have two sessions, one that should work out to be roughly early evening for Europeans and one that should work out to be early evening for the Eastern part of North America. The displayed times will automatically adjust to your own timezone.

I can't make those times, but I still want to take part!

We have you covered! You can still build along independently of the main event. How? It's easy! The week leading up to the main speedbuild event, simply join the MTS events room on Discord and:
  • Say you're doing the speedbuild.
  • Set a 30 minute timer for yourself with a phone app or other device and begin building.
  • Every 30 minutes, share a screengrab of your progress so far.
  • After 2 hours, or when you're finished, whichever comes first, share pictures of your finished lot!


What is the time limit?
2 hours. This time will not include loading your game, which should be done in advance of the start.

Is this judged? Are there winners?
No and no. This is for fun only. It isn't a competition, it won't be judged, and we're all going to be winners because we'll be having fun!

What can I build?
A starter house! As long as it's under the lot value stated above, it's all good.

Which games?
This challenge is open to TS2, TS3 and TS4 builders.

Can I use CC?
You can use any CC you want as long as it is not pay content, unless you're doing the no CC mini challenge!

Can I use moveobjects/cfe?

Can I use any size lot?


The challenge not enough for you? Need something a bit meatier? Try these for size!

Young Professional-
Choose a career from
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Science
  • Law Enforcement

And build and decorate us a starter to suit a Sim of that occupation! You must include at least one item to help build skills for that career in the lot. If you choose Law Enforcement, make sure you've got room for a canine companion.

Crumplebottom's Revenge

There's no getting away from that indomitable old lady! Now she needs a suitable home for her grandson/granddaughter who just left the nest and is looking to start working their way up in the world. Tastefully decorated, of course. Room for a possible grandchild, definitely. Room for certain people to come and stay to keep an eye on things, possibly. She'll be watching you, so get it right!

No CC? No Problem!

This one is simply challenging yourself to use no CC in the building and decorating of your lot! Maxis items only, including Store items. Think you're up to the challenge?

How do I sign up? Sounds brilliant!
Two easy steps!
  • Register on our Doodle poll , selecting the time slot that works best for you. Please note that you must register using your MTS username. Otherwise we have no way of knowing who you are.
  • Create a Discord account (if you don't already have one) and join our Discord server. Once in our server, head to the "mts-events" channel, ping PharaohHound using @PharaohHound and say your MTS username (if different from your Discord name) and which session (first or second) you have signed up for. She will add you to a list of users who will be participating.

This, of course is a commitment, as we will only have 20 spaces for participants for each session. So make sure you can take part in the session you've signed up for.

See you there, builders! And before you go, make sure to read our new Meet The Creator interview with Zarathustra!
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I would have loved to, but sadly we have something called loadshedding in my country - which means that I may be without electricity during the time I have to build!

Looking forward to see what everyone else comes up with, though!
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Two hours is about the minimum time I spend on CASTing decisions for the exterior of a building... let's just say I'll sit this one out.
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Two hours on a row... Being a mom changes your life, y'know? I would not have hesitated at all a few years ago
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Wanted to show off my build. I think it came out really well.
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