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1910 wall limit
:confused: Hey! I was wondering if anyone else hit a limit when trying to build a house, i was attempting to re-create a hotel i stayed in once, and after a while i could no longer build walls, after a bit of research i found that i was limited to 1910 walls. I was also wondering if there is a way to get around this, as i am nowhere near completion of my hotel! If this helps any i am running a 3.0 GHz p4 with 1Gb ram, 2 120 gb hard drives, and finaly an ATI X800 w/ 256mb ram.

Thanks in advance for any help, or info!
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Can honestly say I havent heard of this and while I havent tried to buid any large structures like that... I have downloaded quite a few HUGE lots. Not sure if the specs have any thing to do with a potential limit other than slowing the performance of the game down. With the larger houses/bldgs I have not had any issues. And we are running somewhat similar systems: Pent 4: 3.4 GHz, 1gb Ram @533, Nvidia 6800, although I only have the one hard drive.
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There is a maximum limit to the amount of walls you can have. We discussed this ages ago on a small thread, I don't think it has anything to do with your computer specs - just that 1910 is the limit. There's probably a txt/inf file somewhere with this value in it you can change.

I can't remember exactly what we said, or if this limit is actually true. Just what a vaguely remember.
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Oops, i miscalculated my walls, I was actually stopped at 2100, like a few other ppl here, HMMM...
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its in a text file i will make a thread with how to overcome this
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