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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
SweetiePie<3Tailoring (Careers)
alilonaParty on! Everything you need for fun in a large family home (Residential)
DAJSimsGroup of Seven - Lawren Harris (Decorative)
zhepommeModern White Bachelor NO CC (Residential)
TabooEmuNaruto: Anbu Black Ops Career (Careers)
EynSimsNo Cooldown for Post Updates Interactions (Overrides)
SimmerKrivnaRainbow Pride Hat (Glasses & Other Accessories)
Sam223mywsdvPool Area (Community)
MvlaninSimmerStand Still In Create-A-Sim T-Pose Mod All Ages & Occults (Overrides)
HouseDangerzoneDoors - Adults and Kids Only (Doors & Windows)
zanazuPhotos Overhaul (Get Rid of Frame Pin to Corkboard & Polaroid Look) (Overrides)
denton47TS4 Sound Tool (Programs and Utilities)
crilenderCas Unlocks v1.1 (Overrides)
PeterSunshineHoffman (Residential)
YamiTheDragonMotive Mobile Rebalanced & Occult-safe (Overrides)
CyrusBanefortThe Swordfighting Mod (Script & Core Mods)
henwywollinsPapa Emeritus IV Facepaint (Makeup)
kusurusuSona Ali (skilled Sim) (Other)
Peter MolinariChemical analyzer from Strangerville with Get to Work functions (Hobbies)
LaOsaGSMinecraft Village (NO CC) "Aldea Minecraft" (Residential)
Jacky93Red Roses Underwear (Underwear)
SimularityAgoraphobia Trait (Traits)
RequiemBlanchettNo More Eyeball Ring! (Overrides)
dlbakewell91 days without pre-made holidays (Overrides)
jessiussCozy Old Style House (Residential)
SilverTPGGCropped lace shirt for women (Everyday)
Amankris759Cyberpunk 2077's Orgin poster (Decorative)
icykiddexterinfamous Brands (Everyday)
bentonjForce Invite Sims (Script & Core Mods)
C.Syde65Bodyopencoatlongpants formalgold for Everyday Wear (Config Mods)

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