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Default Upload wizard: queue bypass question
Hi! I just want to ask something about the upload wizard. I already have enough credits for Sims 3 Lots to avail the bypass, but not enough for Sims 3 Sims. So when I was uploading some sims, the wizard still gives me options whether I should submit for moderation or use the bypass. Though I still opted to submit it for moderation, of course. Just for my curiosity, what would happen if I chose to bypass instead? Thanks for hearing this out!

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We were indeed working on a system to make it so that you can get bypass for particular categories, although that hasn't been released yet.

But, we really strongly recommend for a first time, to just have it go through the moderation queue, mainly because it will make it easier for you and us to give some tips and see if you understand what we ask for Sims  

So technically, nothing really will happen if you choose bypass, it just publishes it. We do still look at it though! So if you feel like you totally understand the Sims guideline, then also feel free to share it. It could happen though that your bypass download gets CR'ed if something is missing, but it will still stay visible for downloading, unlike the queue 
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Oh, thank you!

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This is much helpful, thanks for answering.
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