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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
LittleCheshireNew Pet Genetics - No More Skinny Clones (Genetics)
MartizLake View 15 (Residential)
ignifexYoung Artist Stuff Pack (Bedroom)
xperimental.simBig Fancy House (Residential)
killmewithbleachParamilitary Career (TS1 to TS4 Conversion) (Careers)
RifsunotLose Weight / Get Fit New Year's resolution bugfix (Script & Core Mods)
Navi_2000Portraits of Charles III of Spain (Decorative)
QueenSpudNo More Fish Sadness! (Overrides)
dMatildabPurple Genie Skin! (Maxis-match) (Skintones)
tklarenbeekRealistic Alien Head (Genetics Sets)
Iced CreamMermaid Hybrid Stabilizer (Script & Core Mods)
LigSIanthe - the violet house (no CC) (Residential)
Melancholyippie58 Banbury Circle CC FREE! (Apartments)
Dayh111Service dog vest (Accessories)
ShadowByeByeQuirky Poses (Poses and Animations)
MiissKirahUnisex Clock Tattoo (Tattoos)
Let It SimmerInvisible Road Replacement for "Rural Charm Terrain" by Criquette (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
PeterJames88Bechstein Upright Piano (Hobbies)
MatthewDThe Elysium Hotel - No CC (Lodging)
ReynCupcake Machine to Oven Mod (Overrides)
McPolloFamily Pose (Poses and Animations)
BlizzardBunnyNo Mural Decay Mod (Miscellaneous)
gilgaladromanovMichael Bachelor (Anime, Comic & Gaming Characters)
MiMsYTIndustrial Loft (Residential)
elliztwo-storey house| NO CC (Residential)
CommodoreLezmoSims 4 Realm of Magic CAS Background (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
EtherealToxic67 Louisview Lane (Residential)
sims699Nora West Allen's XS Jacket from The Flash (Everyday)
at35zJuno Birch Outfit Pack v1 (Mixed Sets)
PlayWithMiaThe Hidden BOX- SECRET JUNKYARD PUB - NO CC (Community)
viri262620 Disney T-shirts Females Recolors (Everyday)
selynroselynCouple's Lux - No CC (Residential)
lovebl4ever79NoCC Cowplant Justice Blue Suburban - 3br 3ba (Residential)
GuiMerman_ZHair Physics Simulation (Overrides)
RobinKLocksley"Pride Effect" Doors - Doors to Show Your Pride (Doors & Windows)
chicagonativeHeartstone Medical Center (Community)
NeuroBlazerRandomGenetics (Script & Core Mods)
KrazyKris84Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Collection - In English (Decorative)
NeonObject.package Read-Only Script For Ultimate Collection (Programs and Utilities)
CreeSimsAncient Lighthouse of Jumbock (Community)
SquidconquerorNo Teen Disgust Reaction (Global Mods)
simbunnyRT44 Magnolia Drive (Residential)
StaySabrinaCliffside Retreat from Sims 2 PS2 Story Mode No CC (Residential)
BartekStu22 Hidden Maxis Accessories (Objects) as Kitchen Clutter (Extracted Maxis Objects & Collections)
gzckrgExtended Butt and Hips Sliders (Miscellaneous)
MIKYAWrite Songs and Books Faster - QuickWrite by MIKYA (Overrides)
elisabeth's urlAbandoned Japanese House (Residential)
JackTaylorClifton (Residential)

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