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Default Beehaven // a matrialchal dystopia //
Welcome to The Beehive, where our Sims keep themselves busy as bees.
This is a happy community leaded by our most representative women - because, of course, our males know their place - and we expect to keep growing and show the world we are setting the example they ought to follow.
The Beehive is a dystopia where some of the traditional gender roles have been switched.

The setting

A while ago I grabbed a gorgeous neighbourhood made by @simsample, the name was Bluehaven and I meant to use it as soon as I created a new hood to play.
It took years and a re-install, but here I am, looking forward trying it out!

In this hood the head of a family (sort of a "queen bee") is always a female Sim.
Bees are usually the only ones to have a paid job or run a bussiness.
Children and teens may attend to school, but as a general rules only female go to college. (Rich families may send their drones to college though, by paying a nice sum of money.)

Drones of the family may contribute in different ways, such as taking care of the house, growing plants, creating items which will be later sold, helping in the business, etc. They may get a paid job but only as a last resource.
It's fine if drones keep perfecting their knowledge (i.e. skilling) at home though, but they usually won't be doing so by reading.

Marriage and offspring

Bees will make their best to provide a heir (i.e. a daughter) although it's not mandatory that they get married to the father of their children.
Drones usually try to find a wife as that will improve their economy and their "rank".
Either way, they will prefer "pure breed" spouses whenever possible. The purity of the breed is related to the unnaturality of their skin color, which is a fancy yellow one to start (more will be added in the future, and the alien skin also has that status).

After college, young bees will return to their mother's house and inherit it. (If there is more than one young bee, they will have to split the inheritance.)
They will also be in charge of all the drones of the family, including father and unmarried brothers.

The founders

Honey Bee is a Fortune Sim.
She is looking for a future in this new hood, and she would enjoy the company of a partner to create a lineage.

The Drones family includes three -unrelated- widowers and their children.
Baxter Drone (brown haired one) is a Knowledge Sim - tough thing for a drone - and will soon become an elder. His son Cillian is a teenager - and a Family Sim.
Michael Drone (blonde one) is a Popularity Sim and is halfway his adult life. His son Mark is still a child.
Alan Drone (red haired one) is a Pleasure Sim, and has a toddler named Daniel.

Their turn-ons are set so that any of them is likely to be accepted by Honey Bee as a partner.
So I don't know in advance what's gonna happen. (Looking forward playing!)
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Default First rotation!
Meet Honey Bee. She likes wearing black and silver, and all her clothes match that style.
She is a Fortune Sim, and dreams about becoming a top lawyer.
She bought the better house her money could afford, which means she does not have much left. She will need to choose a career soon!

After checking the newspaper (she did not like any of the job offers) she enjoyed her free will - and discovered she loves dancing!
This means her secondary aspiration is likely to be Popularity.

This neighbourhood is not very populated, but she's started socializing as soon as possible.
First the newspaper boy, Murphy, who happens to be yellow-skinned as well.

Then the garden club member, Mitch.
Mitch's skincolor is not interesting, but he is the first guy Honey has met in this hood so she does not hesitate to try and know him a bit better.

And then the matchmaker arrives.
Also yellow-skinned! Pity that she's an elder and therefore no longer fertile.

Honey entertained Mitch and decided to cook a meal for two. It did not turn very well, to be honest.
The firefighter is female and also boringly-skinned.

The day ends with the doctor visit. No, definetely it was not a great first day for Honey

And then I played the Drones, which is a large household - in which only father and son are related.

Cillian got acquited with the Murphy, the newspaper boy. They are of the same age and they might become good friends.

Honey passed by, Michael decided to go say "hi". But all of a sudden a (little) fire started, they panicked and Honey ran away without meeting anyone.

She knocked on their door a while later. Baxter was outside (playing with a puddle) so he greeted her.
But another small fire started and she went (temporary) nuts.

Michael finally met her too and they were talking for a while. Honey talked about her dreams of richness.

Baxter is glad that Cillian enjoys the company of young Mark. There are not many youngsters around so it's good he has some sort of friends, and since they are living together they are the closest thing to siblings.

Baxter and Michael kept socializing with Honey. Michael very specially - at this point I think he's got the best chances of becoming Mr. Bee.

In the meantime, Alan kept attending to his toddler Daniel.
He did meet Honey but he did not have the time to socialize as much as he would have liked - but he's the youngest of all three, so I'm thinking he still has plenty of time to meet other girls.

And at last a properly cooked dinner, which did not require the assistance of a firefighter
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It's always good to be able to cook a meal without needing a firefighter nearby!

I like that yellow skintone, and Honey is gorgeous. It will be fun to see what happens.
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Default Rotation #2
I really like these skins in Aelia's retro colors for my unnaturally skinned Sims. The pinkish one I used in my previous hood was from this set too.
And I'm planning to use some more in this hood to add some variety to the unnaturality

Also I'm glad that I started this new hood!
It's refreshing having such short rotations, even if I only have a little while to play I can finish a whole rotation

Honey started the day inviting over the three drones.
Because her relationship score with Alan was the lowest (him being too busy taking care of little Daniel) she decided to dance with him to improve it. She loves dancing after all.
That was a bad bad bad idea. Terrible one! Her aspiration bar was so low that such a simple social failure led her to the bottom of a depression.

She did not feel like wasting more time with Alan and decided to enjoy her time with Michael, with whom she had a great connection from the beginning.

She got flirty and rolled a want for a date.
It was not the greatest date ever but there were some romantic interactions and now they have a crush on each other

At this point she decided to get a job - any job - because the first bills arrived and she does not have the money to pay them.
I did not take any picture, but she chose a job in the Dance career - suited her.

Moving onto the Drones household.

Michael met the postman, a guy named Sherman. It's nice to have new friends.
Also he brough the bills for them, but this family managed to pay this one - they'll have to find some cash for the next one though.

Baxter being a Knowledge Sim it made sense he was very interested in his son Cillian doing the homework.

Then he grew up and is now an elder, as planned. This means Baxter won't be around a lot more, and maybe he's got no time left to pass his genetics...

Honey passed by. There aren't many neighbours, so it makes sense they are always visiting each others.
Cillian greeted her and then they started playing - and he discovered he really likes sports!

But Cillian is after all a Family Sim, so he enjoys spending time with the little ones, whom he treats as if they were siblings. Here he is teaching Daniel to talk.

Michael also helped his son with the homework.
Although this is not as important for him as for Baxter, he also wants Mark to have the best of life.
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Default Rotation #3
So Honey went to work. She does really need the job, because she has almost no cash and bills are waiting to be paid.
Also it rained.

Back from work, she socialized with her neighbours again.
Of course, her relation with Michael ketp moving forward. They kissed... and more.
I think Honey's choice is very clear at this point.

The Drones kept attending to their children.
Funny pic, where Baxter helps Cillian and Michael helps Mark with their homeworks.
Alan was upstairs teaching Daniel how to talk. They are all good daddys.

Michael did not waste his time and proposed Honey right away.
He thinks that this is the proper thing to do, being legally bound an all that stuff. Also Honey would be a new mom for Mark!

Little Daniel grew up. Now that he's a child I'm pretty sure Alan will have a little more leisure time to spend - he's a Pleasure Sim after all!

Also I've decided that I'm gonna (try to) keep track of all the townies as they appear, so I keep them as much in sync with the rest of the population as possible.
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Default Rotation #4
OK, I'm loving having a new hood. I'm loving it so much that I'm playing much more than I've done in such a looooong time.
Maybe I should get more work done instead, but you know, it's so exciting to have a new hood!

So. Bee.
She got more bills (it's thursday) and she still haven't paid the previous ones. She's got a job but today is her day off so she won't get paid... Oh, well, better thinking about something nicer than poverty!

She would have liked a wedding party but she could not afford it, so she invited all the neighbours instead and simply married Michael.

Of course Michael brought his son Mark with him, but it means that there are some room problems. Namely no enough bedrooms problems.
And since there is no money (Michael only brought 40 simoleons to the family) it's not possible to build a new bedroom or at least buy a proper bed for Mark.

Btw they are gonna need more money soon, because I've heard some chimes and that means there is a baby on the way!

Bills also arrived at the Drones household. Which they could not afford to pay right away either.

Alan thought that he would like to find a wife too. Someone who brought some good cash home so he did not have to worry about unpaid bills.
He does not know many ladies. Actually only Honey
So he called the matchmaker. And instead of paying for her services (which he could not afford) he simply talked to her... and eventually asked her out!
It was a quite ordinary date, and they did not fall in love, but now they are in quite friendly terms and, hey, this may be the beginning of something.

Daniel brought a friend from school. Who that friend was? Well, the only other kid in the hood
It seems that Mark and Daniel are meant to grow into good friends.

No money means trouble. They are running out of fresh food (luckily there was a bunch of leftovers!) and still had an unpaid bills.
Luckily Baxter's stargazing brought a discovery and 500 simoleons, which was enough to pay the bill. Let's see if they manage to keep up this way!

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It is exciting to play a new hood. There are so many options for your sims at that point, and it's fun to get to know them.
Are you playing with a bigger bills mod? It seems like everyone needs to get right to work so they can pay their bills and buy food!
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Default Rotation #5
It is very exciting indeed!
I had kinda hoped for several female townies (postwoman, newspaper girl) which would mean chances of a good marriage for my many male Sims, but at this point their options are kind of limited - and I do love a good challenge!
Also I like being economically challenged, so I'm indeed using a bigger bills mod - my bills are 10x the default ones. And it would be even worse in apartments, if one of my Sims needs to move into one it would be challenging indeed!

There were chimes in the last rotation, and Bee is pregnant. She looks lovely with her pregnancy clothes, green looks great on her.

Apparently Mark will be soon a teenager, and a sibling will be born, and they still don't have money to afford building a second bedroom or even buying a proper bed for him...

Economy is not too well indeed. Today is Friday and they got a notice for the bills they got on Tuesday.

Desperated as they are, Michael chose an illegal way to get some extra cash
Yes, he is counterfeiting money!

This at least allowed them to pay the most urgent bills.
He has decided not to overdo it, because it's certainly risky. He'll be using this *ehem* method, only if there are no other ways to keep the repoman at bay.

Despite the economical desperation, their life is quite happy. Specially now that baby girl Deidre was born.
A baby girl is a great thing, for she'll be the heiress of whatever they manage to buy, and probably they won't be up to the task of having more babies in these circumstances.

Honey tries to be a good mum for both her step-son Mark and her baby.
Since Michael is around she had not done any cooking or cleaning or leaves raking, and being on maternity leave will allow her to help with the kids.

And the Drones.
Baxter and Alan decided to play outside in the morning, while the kids were at school and after all the house chores were done.
Baxter discovered he likes Sports too! He has that in common with his son Cillian, so I think it's gonna be a likely way to spend their time together.

Alan on the other hand is decided to go after Missy, and he asked her out again.
She is a Romance Sim, I'm thinking that she's flattered for being the love interest of a man much younger than herself.

When the kids are back home, both Baxter and Alan go back to parenting mode.
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Default Rotation #6
I'm definetely playing a lot
Well, another rotation.

Having a baby girl is a blessing, and here is Michael holding her.
The night was an actual nightmare, I had no idea having no crib would be so damn hard for the parents who kept waking up all the time and ended making turns to be awake with the baby. So much like real life!

Mark grew up and is now a teen. Also a Popularity Sim as his daddy.
I guess he'll still be friends with Daniel - as he was with Cillian while he was a kid. Not so many young people around, beggars are not choosers!

Deidre grew up and is now a toddler. She's quite cute, as expected from her parents.

Honey decided to spend all the cash she had earned in a crib. They do need one.
Even though they have not paid all the bills yet. But they will solve that issue in due time.

Let's talk about Alan Drone.
He's been the one to greet the delivery guy, someone named Wim.

But that's actually unimportant. What matters is that his last date with Missy was terrific!

And they both rolled wants to get engaged!
Alan is a Pleasure Sim and Missy is a Romance Sim, so it's clear it's only a heat-of-the-moment kind of want, but I made sure to lock them
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Default Rotation #7
It's Sunday in the neighbourhood! :D

Michael and Mark try to make sure that little Deidre learns plenty of useful skills for her age.

But money is always an issue.
They got a notice which advised to pay the bills that arrived on Thursday and they ended counterfeiting a bit more money just to make sure of paying them.

Deidre will grow up soon, and her aspirations are kinda low. I guess Michael and Mark must do one extra effort!

And just for fun: Bees are attacking Michael! BEES!

The day was joyful int he Drones household.
The four of them manage to do their chores quite easily and have enough time to enjoy themselves on the weekend.
But it's also a very special kind of joyful: Alan proposed to Missy!

Also Alan discovered he's interested in Arts and Crafts, and since they can afford it he decided to buy an easel and start painting.

Pictures of all the drones (Michael was visiting) having dinner with Missy.
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Default Rotation #8
New week in Beehaven!

Everyone is doing their best to help Deidre raise her aspirations, even mom!
But actually was daddy who managed to teach her to walk, mind you.

Last week they managed to pay the bills, but this one starts with no fresh food...
They will live on leftovers until they can save up some money, but tomorrow is a new billing day!
Honey rolled a want to get promoted, so she's not likely to stay at home and use her days off. That will be some money. And if she did manage to get promoted, the bonus will be more than welcome.

Also the Drones were visiting as usual, and Cillian spent quite a while playing with Deidre.
Which got me thinking: How old will Cillian be when she grows up?
(With such an small number of Sims everything is possible, so not discarding any possibilities yet.)

In the Drones household Baxter decided to stargaze... and then gaze into the neighbours houses.
Naughty Baxter, Honey was so very mad at him!

Alan finished his first painting, which is not worth any money but will decorate the house. And after some practice may end up being another source of income.

But the most important news in his life is that he actually got married to Missy Garcia.
Now that she moved in, I've learned that not only she's a Romance Sim, she also dreams of whoohooing with a large number of Sims

Missy feels in charge of providing a salary to keep the house running, so she decided to find a "proper" job.
Her LTW is not career related, so she chose a career having in mind the salary... and she's now into politics.
Level 3 btw, already getting $504 five days a week. Not bad, not bad.

The kids were playing outside, despite being a bit too late. Rules are not strict in this household

Oh, we got a burglar!
Someone named Danni Davila (apparently male) broke into their house while they were sleeping, and the policewoman (Sari Duncan) who came after him was not competent enough to catch him... but hey! She's an eligible female and that's great news for our only bachelor left

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Default Rotation #9
And it's Tuesday again!

The day began with Deidre still being potty trained. Mark really cares a lot about her younger sis.

Tuesday. And bills came.
Although Honey went to work - and they are doing their best to save money - there are more urgent matters.

Because Deidre grows up and now she needs a bed too.
Not that they are used to have one for everyone, Mark had been sleeping in the couch even since his father married Honey - and sneaking into their bed for an after-school nap to recover from the energy drain.
Deidre and Mark get along wonderfully, but even so sharing the couch would be a bit too much.

So it's time for an extra effort (and maybe some counterfeiting) to buy some cheap bunk beds.
They will share the bedroom though, for there is only one and building a new one is out of the question.

Baxter made a four-legged friend. It's a wolf! (Baxter is a Knowledge Sim after all, and wolves are so interesting!)
Later on he phoned Sari, the policewoman, as he's interested in knowing more about her... Maybe he'll ask her out next time.

Bills too, but no problem because these drones are out of poverty.
That said, hey, why is the neighbour kicking the trash can? Michael used to get along with the other drones, but he does not like Missy so much...

Daniel came back from school, and brought home the only other kid in the hood - that is Deidre.
What do you think? They may become good friends after the years, and eventually become a couple, so joining two of the drones families!

Missy came back from work too. More money to the family savings

The day was sunny, and Daniel and Deidre played outside while Alan painted.

And then Daniel grew up. He's now a teen and has chosen the Popularity path.

But his was not the only birthday: Cillian is now an adult.
I was fine with his ridiculous clothes OR the bald hair, but all together seemed a bit too much, so I decided he'd better have a regular short hair.
Now that he's an adult, it's time to think about family - he's a Family Sim after all.
Courting Sari seems to be out of the question - since his own father is interested in her - but since he mostly dreams about having children maybe maybe stargazing is the answer.

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Default Rotation #10
Honey Bee's family keeps struggling.
Michael is in charge of a house which seems to be falling to pieces (the whole bathroom was broken!) and spent the morning repairing and cleaning everything.

When Honey went back from work, there was a relaxed vibe despite the economical issues.

She keeps painting, maybe she thinks she may earn some extra cash selling her paintings, but right now they are not worth selling.

Big news for Baxter Drone!
As expected, he asked Sari out and she agreed. He learned that Sari is a Family Sim, so she's probably gonna be all for a serious relationship
Their date was actually great, they became friends, flirted, kisssed...

Honey came around for some shouting again. It seems this tima Daniel was the one not using the telescope for stargazing...
She used to be in such friendly terms with the whole Drones household, but the tide is changing.

Cute pic of Baxter and Sari after their date

Baxter's day was not perfect though.
He went out to greet the wolf at night, and he was hit by a lighting.
The worst part? His bladder motive was quite low and he peed himself
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Default Rotation #11

Honey Bee's family is definetely cute when they are together <3

Money is still a problem though.
Thanks to Mark's Player of the Year award they managed to pay Tuesday's bills, but Thursday's have already arrived so...

The Drones live a bit more relaxed.
Baxter and Cillian like to enjoy their leisure time together tossing clumsily a football

They run out of food again, and Cillian decided he'd go visit a farmer's market he'd heard of recently.

Honey and Michael were there too, but instead of buying groceries they spent their time dancing
Anyway Cillian was more interested in the employees: some townies called Reggie Byars and Destiny Reichert who apparently are about his age.
He even decided to speak with Destiny for a while, he was looking forward making a female acquitance

Back home it's Baxter who has news. He proposed to Sari!!

Now the thing is this:
The Drones house has only room for one double bed - which is the one Alan and Missy are currently using. If Sari moved in with Baxter they would have to sleep in bunk beds
So I'm thinking that either Alan, Missy and Daniel or Baxter, Sari and Cillian will be leaving the house. And getting an economical compensation for it, of course. (Haven't decided which ones.)
Also Sari is clearly a Patrol Officer, so I'll make sure to assign her a Law Enforcement lvl. 3 job before I start the next rotation.
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Default Rotation #12
Families are finally taking shape!

Let's start with the first family, Honey Bee's.
Young Deidre is doing great in school.

And Honey (finally) got a promotion!!
Now they can afford paying their bills and even buying some groceries

The another household had to split, because it would be too large after Baxter's marriage.
After some deliberation, it was decided that Baxter & Cillian would stay in the current house; and Missy, Alan & Daniel would move out and get a nice chunk of money - worth 3/5 of the net worth of the household.

Baxter invited Sari Duncan over, and even before greeting she realized that fires are quite frequent in this house

No big deal though.
A no-fuss ceremony of marriage took place, and now Sari tries to socialize with her step-son Cillian - who is older than her!

Sari is a family Sim, and her LTW is marry off 3 children, so I'm hoping for some Duncan babies.
The first one is already on its way!

Cillian in the meantime keeps searching the heavens. Leaving them some privacy.

The Garcia household decided to rent a 2-bedroom apartment.
They don't plan to have a larger household. Alan is likely to outlive Missy, and Daniel will grow and eventually move out into a wife's house.
So renting is their choice.

They have a nice backyard, part of it is private and part is shared with the neighbours.
Said neighbours are called Scott Raney and Jaclyn Carr.

Mark came from school with Daniel, and he decided to socialize with those neighbours.
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Default Rotation #13
Breakfast picture, Honey Bee having breakfast with Mark and Deidre before going to work.

Mark saw one of Daniel's neighbours passing by and he decided to socialize. Greeted him and decided to play with him.

Later Michael threw a party and invited his fellow Drones. Everything enjoyed it and only left after the police forced them too.
A policewoman btw. She is named Malisa Way - what kind of name is Malisa?

Morning at the Duncan's began with a family breakfast too. It's only natural that Cillian and Sari try become friends.

And then, the big event! The baby was born. She is a girl, and the name Sari chose for her is Cloe.

Cillian is a family guy, and already a grown up man, so he helps with Cloe.

At the Garcia's, Alan is also trying to meet the neighbours. Here he is talking to Jaclyn.
Daniel also met her, actually knocked on her door to get introducted - but I forgot to take a picture.

I've set apartment bills quite high, but they have enough savings from when they moved in and they can afford it. Hopefully the next ones will be slightly more affordable.
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Default Rotation #14
In the Bee's house, Michael and his son Mark enjoy playing football. It's funny how I have plenty of sports-loving Sims in this hood.

Later Michael became an elder. Happy birthday, Michael!
Apparently his two kids will grow up in the next rotation: Mark will be an adult and Deidre a teenager. I'm looking forward it!

Another birthday in the Duncan's household: Cleo Duncan is now a toddler, and she looks quite bee-like with her yellow dress.

Daddy is a Knowledge Sim, so no surprise he wants to teach her to walk.

Her crib is in Cillian's bedroom (there is not enough room in the main bedroom) so she wakes him up in the night.
He's a Family Sim, so I think he doesn't mind getting in charge of the midnight feed.

Cloe's parents will get in charge as soon as they replenish their energies, so Cillian will have time to sleep later.
Sari enjoys playing with her little one - and she has already rolled a want to have another baby!

In the Garcia's household, Alan keeps trying to meet new friend. But the landlord seems an unlikely friend.

He later threw a party and invited the guys over, and Missy arrived just in time - and with some good news: she just got a promotion.

Most of the time the party was great, if not only for that moment when Wim - the delivery guy - was definetely rude to Missy.

And that was it all.
It seems life is starting to settle into some kind of "normality", and one kind of can expect what's going to happen next.
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Default Rotation #15
Honey was trying to make new friends, but of lately she's not having much luck
At least everything else goes well.
They threw a birthday party for both Mark and Deidre, and invited quite a bit of people over.
I was specially glad to see Cillian getting acquited to Jaclyn (the Garcia's neighbour), because she's the first single adult female he has met since he's an adult.
And he's a Family Sim. So. Who knows? Maybe something comes out of here?

Mark and Deidre grew up autonomously. I though I had a mod to prevent this, because the party was a disaster
Anyway they both looks great. Deidre decided to go for grey lipstick - as mom - but no makeovers were needed.

Btw Deidre is a Popularity Sim, and her secondary aspiration is Family Sim. So hoping she'll want to get a boyfriend soon

The Ducan's household had a nice day too. First Baxter taught Cloe to walk.

Then Deidre came for a visit, and Cillian enjoyed playing with her as they used to do in the old times.

And then Baxter taught Cloe to talk. He's a Knowledge Sim after all!

No big deals at the Garcia household either. Daniel brought Deidre from schol (this girl is everywhere!).
They played around in a friendly manner, no hint of romance of any kind. But this may happen!

Also videogames. Who would not want one of these retro ones in their bedroom?
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Default Rotation #16
OK, this time I took sooooo many pics, because some interesting relationships are developing

First, the Bee's. Money is not so tight anymore, they are now managing to pay their bills in time.
So it's time for them to think more of pleasure

Deidre has a secondary Family aspiration, so it was just natural that she rolled relationship-related wants.
Her best friend is Daniel Drone, so she checked whether there was so attraction (yes!) and decided to do some flirting. Soon after they were kissing each other

That does not mean Deidre has forgotten everything else.
She dreams of becoming a Rock God, I guess influenced by mom's musical tastes (it's Honey's hobby, and the radio is always on) but while she does not find a job in such a career she keeps working at school. Mark always helps her, as he's done ever since she's been born.

It seems Michael spent too much time playing football outside, he's got an sunburn! Looks funny on the yellow skin.

Evening came, and teenagers (autonomously) made out in front of the house. Because they are,well, teenagers, you know.

Mark realized there was no food in the fridge, and visited the farmer's market Cillian had recommended him.
Jaclyn (Garcia's neighbour) was there too, and he also met young Destiny (it would be cool if she grew up!).

The day was great too in the Duncan's household.
It began with Baxter and Cillian having a nice chat, because father and son have so much in common.

For some reason, Missy Garcia does not like them and she kicked the garbage can. Well, more compost, no problem

Cillian is friends with Jaclyn, and she's the only single female friend he knows. So, being a Family Sim, checking out was in order... and there was attraction indeed!

So Cillian flirted with her, and she welcomed his advances

Talking later, Cillian asked her about her career. Apparently she has a good position, which is just great!

And it seems she likes children, for she decided to pay with little Cloe.
What else would Cillian want in a wife? (Plus it's not like he has more choices )

Cillian may start dreaming of having children of his own, but he's not the only one.
He's gonna have a new sibling, because Sari is pregnant again!

On the other hand, there were no news in the Garcia household.
Going to work/school, enjoying their leisure time and socializing. The usual for this family.
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Default Rotation #16
The relation between Deidre and Daniel goes well, they just went steady.
(In the background you can see Sari Duncan was also visiting, these Sims are so social!)

Honey got another promotion!
They still don't have enough money to build a second bedroom, but hey, at least they are not struggling anymore.
And I guess they kinda got used to shared the same bedroom...

Dinner time, and Daniel stayed at the Bee's. Nice family picture

The day at the Duncan's began as usual. Baxter is often repairing this or the other, and Cillian helps him mainly with the cleaning.

Sari sometimes helps too, mostly with Cloe. Now that she's pregnant again, she's tired most of the time though.

But this was not a regular day, there were plenty of news.
The first one: Cillian kissed Jaclyn!

And then Cloe grew up - she's a child now and won't need so much adult attention!

Luckily for them, because the new baby was born! A new baby girl, they named her Megan.

Routine at the Garcia's.
Daniel invited Deidre over, and she brought Murphy - the newspaper guy.

Missy decided to buy a new appliance, a good expensive coffee maker. She really needed one!

And Daniel decided to spend some time working out and get in shape.
His birthday is coming! What will happen with him & Deidre after that?
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Default Rotation #17
My internet did not work on Saturday, which meant no work could be done so I decided to enjoy a bit more of Sims playing
And aparently I took a lot of pictures!

Family breakfast picture, just because I like that kind of pic.

Today the Bee family decided they had saved up enough money to afford to buy some stuff.
First thing was a mat so they can workout witout complaining for a lack of space that is not such.

Also it seems another salary is gonna increase the family funds.
Well, Deidre won't earn MUCH, but at least it's a job in her dreamt career!

Kids socializing. Deidre is getting along with Murphy the newspaper guy, but Mark is having a disagreement with Jaclyn Carr.

More stuff! A computer.
Honey decided it was worth the investment, because she'll be able to give financial consulting and earn a bit money back.

Mark was talking to a friend who offered a good discount in the home furnishings warehouse... a bit late, it may seem, since they had just bought all that stuff, but still good news.

Let's see the Duncan family.
Today Sari decided it was a good moment as any other to create a vegetable garden. Fresh produce is super healthy for the kids!

Baxter decided to have an anniversary party, and things kept happening during the party!

For example, little Megan grew up - she's a toddler now.

And Cillian got very flirty with Jaclyng

The party was a huge success.
But still there was more to happen afterwards: Cillian invited Jaclyn over again, privately, to propose to her!

Last of all, the Garcia household.
I think I haven't mentioned it, but Missy has an amusing habit: whenever she returns from work she always thinks about whoohoo
Seriously, she always rolls that want after work, and usually they go into the closet for some fun

Other than that, Alan and Daniel spend a lot of time taking care of the vegetable garden.

But what's news is that Daniel grew up! He's an adult now!
(This is his athletic outfit, but the casual one looks great for him.)
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Default Rotation #17
Well, some of the families have definetely fallen into some routines and there are not much to tell about them.
For example, another party in the Bee household. (Parties are kind of popular at this point, my Sims need to socialize.)

In the Garcia household, Alan is perfecting his painting technique.

There are news in the Duncan household.
First thing in the morning, Cillian left the house. He's going to get married and will need a house of his own.

The Duncan family kept the house, and Baxter kept fixing whatever broke as usual. But sometimes it's a risk!

Sari taught little Megan to talk, same as she did with Cleo.

And Cleo is being friendly to aunt Jaclyn.

In the evening, Baxter started to teach Megan to walk too.

Cillian decided to move into Jaclyn's apartment.
(Technically it's not possible because she's not a playable, so he rented it and she'll move in again after marriage.)

First thing he did was planting some vegetables... It's useful!

Jaclyn arrived, apparently she's super excited about marriage

They married in the backyard, with family and friends gathered... or kinda ignoring them. Whatever.
Jaclyn Carr happens to be a Family Sim too! So I'm gonna expect a few babies from this couple!

Their first whoohoo ever, after marriage. Such decent people indeed.
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Default Rotation #18
Not many news in this rotation, but still got some pics.

There is a lot of repairing in these houses. Cheap appliances and such.
But when Mark broke the new (cheap) computer, Michael got a bit angry. Of course Mark was made responsible to fix it.

Lunch is family time. Mark finished fixing the computer later. (Michael had a bath to fix, he won't get bored either.)

Some socializing in the Duncan household.
Cleo met Murphy, the newspaper guy who made a pact with the devil to be forever young

Later she spent quite a lot of time talking to Daniel, while daddy teached little Megan to walk and mommy talked to Daniel's father Alan.

Baxter needs glasses and so does his son Cillian. Seemed reasonable that his daughter Cleo needed them too. Pink matches her outfit.

Talking about Cillian, he and his wife Jaclyn Carr have been trying for a baby very very hard. I feel like they did nothing else in this rotation
But after some attempts, chimes!

At the Garcia household, Alan and Missy are always flirting.

Alan's son Daniel got a moustache and some sort of beard. Just because his face was too childish for an adult.

And Alan was the very first Sim of this hood to get in the Zone!
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Default Rotation #18
Yet another rotation, and the Bee family keeps socializing as usual without any new events.
(Deidre is considering whether she should go or not to college, since she'll soon have the required age but she's also on her LTW career...)

There are more news in the Duncan family. First of all: Sari is pregnant again!
Cleo and Megan are not babies anymore, so Baxter and Sari decided to go for another child-

Btw Megan grew up into a child. She got the same haircut as Cleo, so I had to change it.

Here Megan is talking to her elder brother Cillian - such an age gap!

Cillian is becoming a parent too, now that baby Spencer was born.
(Spencer Carr is the first born-in-game male!)

One of the things I love about apartments is that neighbours keep interacting autonomously, not always in nice ways, hehe.

Later at night, Cillian was searching for UFOs... and he found one!
Unluckily there were no chimes when he returned home so I'm gonna have to do something about it!

There was a lot of noise in the Garcia's house.
Missy spent the day arguing with neighbour Scott - and beat his ass in both the two actual fights.
His comments about the rent are something to ponder though.

Also Daniel was tinkering for the sake of learning some Mechanics. Which he did. But...
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Quick update.
I've been having computer issues for a while, so I finally gave up and reinstalled Windows from scratch. (If it does not work, I'll have to try Linux.) Meaning I reinstalled TS2 again, of course.

Well, I wanted Cillian impregnated by aliens after his abduction, so I created some aliens which were meant to live in a pollination center (where they would take subjects).
I built the house, gave them the prisoner tag and would use Monique's create-a-baby-with-X mod to impregnate Cillian by one of them.

But I did several things wrong.
First, I clearly don't know how to use the prisoner things, because one of them was seen around an apartment - stole the newspaper
Second, I forgot to get Monique's mod - I though I had it in the folder I store with all my usual mods, but alas, no.
So I had to use the tombstone of L&D, which I never use because I worry I'm gonna break something. And then I realized I could have used it to impregnate from alien directly, without creating extra Sims and requiring the mods, etc
Ok, no big deal, I guess.
But then it happens that I forgot to configure Fraps to my usual settings - and I have no pics at all of this rotation

Total disaster.

I finally decided I'm gonna revert to the last backup, and start this rotation again from the beginning. No aliens, no MQ's mod, just use the tombstone to impregnate Cillian and keep the storyline going.
Probably there won't be many differences. Maybe different genders for the babies? I dunno.
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