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Default Making a cookingbook from the spellbook. script
Hello. I have this project. Im trying to make a cookingbook and for this I create a sculpture that will be the cookingbook mesh (at this moment is a rabbit). If you click on it you will have the iteraction to prepare food like if you are clicking on the fridge or stove but instead of the normal recipe picker will be a mix of the recipe picker with the spellbook ui. The goal is that when you click on the prepare food iteraction of the cookingbook the spellbook will shown with the recipes and if you clik on the desired recipe the sim will do the action. At this moment I have creating a custom module for the cookbook based on the spellbook one. The progres is this. The cookbook showns and added extra categories but their are shown outside the page also the new labels.

The recipes (at this moment the cake white and single grilled chicken plate) shows the name, but appear unlocked, because i havent figure how to ride of the lock and unlock part of the code from the spell book and also i havent figured out how to click on the recipe and create the action.

Could some body help me or light me? Thanks in advance. i have included the project scripts and the testing sculpture and compiled script to test in your mods folder if works. The testing sculpture is located at sculptures category in decorative and looks like the garden friend a.k.a the rabbit sculpture. If you clcik on it it will shown two iteractions:

Prepare food. That is like the similar if clicking on stove or fridge and shown the normal ui recipe picker
and the other
Open spellbook. That is the one that I want to modify to act like the first one but with the spellbook ui.( If you dont have RoM they will shown blank text but I think it will works and the cookbook will shown)

Thanks in advance.
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File Type: rar possible-helpful-ui-and-pickers.rar (14.1 KB, 37 downloads)
File Type: rar necrodog-testing-sculpture-compiled-script.rar (203.4 KB, 34 downloads)
File Type: rar project-Scripts-to-create-cookbook-from-spellbook.rar (29.3 KB, 36 downloads)
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OH WOW! I'm no modder but I sure do hope you manage to figure this out or find someone who can help you figure it out!
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