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HOW TO: Create Alternative Maps for Copied Sims 4 Worlds
Hello! With the help of Zerbu's Mods and info, I figured out how to make more maps / worlds based off the EA originals, then bulldoze the copied worlds' lots. Yay me!

However, my NEXT challenge is to see what it would take to modify the World Maps (circle maps) so that each copied version of a world could have a different map image - to make telling the worlds apart easier. My problem is figuring out:
- How the game references the maps-to-world,
- How it references the maps to copied worlds - and if these references are the same or different than the references/coding to the original world,
- Determining whether there is any way to access / modify that,
- How to adjust the code to accept different maps, and
- How to then craft a Mod package (or whatever) that would work properly.

So, for instance, I made two copies of Willow Creek: Jacaranda Vista and Sassafras Springs. Right now, the map for all three worlds in the Manage Worlds "Circle" Maps are the exact same.
- I want a different colored version of the WC map for Jacaranda, and
- I want another different colored version of the WC map for Sassafras.

I used the from Mod The Sims, and did the "Image Work". However, the steps then are about replacing the existing maps, not assigning the new images to OTHER worlds that are not in the original EA worlds/map coding.

Anyone know how THAT could be done, and what tools I would need and files to access?

Thanks so much!
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