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Default In Testing: Better targetting for Uni NPCs
You know how sometimes the cheerleader runs over to your sentrybot and cheers it, mistaking it for a sim? I mostly put up with that, but then I had the cow mascot try to flirt with a toddler and I decided to fix things like this.

This hack changes which sims the Uni NPCs decide to target. Specifically:
  • The cow mascot should not target anyone younger than young adult
  • The llama mascot, the cheerleader, and the streaker should only target sims who are actually eligible for social interactions, i.e. not robot NPCs or sims who are sleeping
  • The coach should not target sims who are fit

The following restrictions already existed and have not been changed:
  • The cow mascot and the coach only target sims who are eligible for social interactions
  • The llama mascot and the cheerleader do not target sims who are younger than child
  • The coach does not target sims who are younger than teen
  • The streaker does not target sims who are younger than young adult

Again, this is one of those that you just have to wait to see if something that shouldn't happen happens, so I'm putting it here for now.

Note that it can be difficult to tell who was targetted by the llama mascot, the cheerleader, and the streaker, since their interactions are not actually socials - they don't push an interaction onto the other sim's queue, and the other target does not actually have to still be in the same place in order for them to perform their actions, that's why the game could get away with letting them target sleeping sims and non-playable robots. So, you might have YA who is interacting with a baby next to a crib, and a cheerleader targets that YA and runs to the crib, but by the time she gets there the YA has gone off to do something else, so it looks like she is targetting the baby, but actually she was targetting the YA who was just there.
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So, apart from fitness, I think none of these should show up unless we are using mods for non-YAs to live on-campus. Unless the NPCs can target people visiting from the main hood.

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Llamas and cheerleaders cheering robots and sleeping sims was definitely a problem long before I installed the YA maternity mod, and there's actually nothing in the code that prevents them from interacting with visitors (though I rarely have visitors from the main hood at uni, so I've never seen that happen).
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