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Default ACR booty calls not working. - Solved
I have installed ACR 2.0 but have not been able to work out how the booty calls work. I have it enabled in the global settings but I cannot find an option to make my sim call her 'one sim' and after a week of being in her new home by herself she has not called him autonomously.

Background: Carly Quinn started in college and slept her way through with her biology professor. Now that she has graduated she does not want to marry him but still wants to sleep with him, only calling him when she 'needs' him. She does not have a job but works from home writing articles on a Monique's computer.

I am not a control freak so love the autonomy in the game and the unpredictability of it.
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I am quite new to ACR myself and have not had booty calls occur yet in my game either. This is because so far all of my adults are married, except for Diane King. There is an option on the ACR adjuster to view your Sims stats. It will tell you how many hours until your Sim will autonomously Woohoo, however it is not always an exact time and can become a negative number. It will also tell you who your Sim "has the hots for." All of my married couples have the hots for each other and so when they reach the point in time where they want to Woohoo, they do so with each other and it's simple since they live on the same lot. For a while, my single sim Diane did not autonomously Woohoo with anyone. Her stats would say "Currently Diane doesn't have the hots for anybody." She was also in love with two Sims and is a Romance Sim, so I'm not quite sure why that was the case. But as I understand it, whoever your Sim has the hots for is who they will call for a booty call (unless that Sim already lives on the lot- then they will just Woohoo). Does your Sim's stats say who she has the hots for?
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The option appears on the adjuster as "Make Booty Call" or something like that. It isn't on the phone. Also, it doesn't appear until the timer has reached a certain point. It also doesn't appear unless The One Sim is not living on the same lot, so it could just be that The One Sim has switched to someone she's living with.
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I have tested it and it needs to be ´-48 hours in personal stats to kick in autonomous booty call. Then sim calls the one they have hots with. If your sim is ready for booty call let her idle. Busy sim doesn't do it.
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The location where you'll find "Booty Calls are Allowed" is under Sim Settings --> Autonomy. You'll also find the option to enable or disable autonomous woohoo.

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I have been getting her to call her professor and invite him over and they are quite good at finding the bedroom by themselves, they currently have four children together.

@ BeckyBoo8 - yes her stats shows her professor as the one she has the hots for.

@ kestrellyn - she does not have any eligible male suitors living on the lot with her, only her children.

@ Annaminna - my hood timer is set to 2x and her base timer seems to only get down to -24

@ kamoodle5 - I have booty call enabled along with autonomous woohoo, TFB and autonomous unmarried TFB
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Strange, my hood timer was set to 2x too. And individual timer goes all the way down if they did not have woohoo.
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Originally Posted by Annaminna
Strange, my hood timer was set to 2x too. And individual timer goes all the way down if they did not have woohoo.

So I removed ACR from my downloads folder (I have it in its own folder) ran the neighbourhood and then put it back in and re-ran the neighbourhood. She is still only showing -24 hours so I changed my hood timer to 1x and booty call showed up on the adjuster. I am wondering if she only has the -24 hours because she was a CAS made sim in Uni made before ACR installed in the neighbourhood and it is default set to 1x.
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