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I don't see where people weren't being nice. Only joking around with amusing replies.

Also, as said, I think the motherlode cheat is kind of redundant in sims 3, as it is so easy to make money. Unless you wish to begin with that much rather than earning it. I've also got a mod for higher bills, and my sims have to pay to use taxis as well. I try not to give them too much for free. They already have nice lives as it is! ( unless they live in one of my post apocalyptic worlds, and then they're all miserable )

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Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to have social media. It is the law. Excusing immaturity with assuming the user is too young to use most of the Internet does not make sense. All users under 13 should be banned.

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I'm not against children using the internet. I think it can be a great tool to safely learn about the world and explore new hobbies and interests, but I think there should definitely be a segregation of some sort. There's still an outdated sort of idea about what is and isn't suitable for children, and some of it's resulted in strange double standards. How come for example that profanity is often equated to physical violence? And why should nudity necessarily set a bad example for children when they're naturally curious about themselves and the appearances of others? Everyone no matter their age should be able to learn about new things in a fun but safe way so that they don't have to encounter anything they don't wish to see. On the other hand, if you're a child and you're naturally curious you should still be able to look for things the way my generation first googled "naked lady" at the age of 9 and immediately closed the page, scared that mom and dad will find out.

Either way, I don't think people should have to submit proof of age or register with authorities to get access to the internet as both can be abused horribly, but I definitely think people on a forum like this should be skeptical of new users who they suspect may not have the maturity to take part in, and add to the discussion.

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You know, after I had to tell some people abou the existence of "FreeRealEstate" cheat, which is well documented cheat from the beginning of Sims 3, which was also ported to Sims 4, I am not all that surprised someone may just now find about "Motherlode" cheat. No offence to anyone here, but The Sims community can be pretty dumb sometimes
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Originally Posted by peno
No offence to anyone here, but The Sims community can be pretty dumb sometimes

People in general have issues, not specifically Sims players. I mean, did you know that around 50% of the world's population have below average intelligence?

But seriously though, I think a kinder way to say that might have been "unaware."
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