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Default I have so many questions...
So this is a pretty big project I've been working on, and it uses a ton of custom content, as well as being built up in a save game rather than just CAW, so odds are I'll never be able to share it (though, if there's a way, I'd like to know; I'm really proud of what I've managed to do so far). I know I need NRAAS Traveller, I've also got Career, ErrorTrap, Overwatch, Register, Story Progression, and Tempest currently installed (as well as several other minor mods, most of which are for aesthetics or minor convenience).

Basically, I'm trying to recreate the Marvel Cinematic Universe in my Sims game.

I started with Asgard (an island map I built from scratch), and I'm planning to edit a clone of Bridgeport in CAW, to create New York. I've also made very light worlds for Jotunheim and Helheim, just to dump Hela and Laufey off the map while keeping them both alive and on the family tree (and is there any mod out there that would allow more than two 'parent' tags? I really want the game to acknowledge Loki's adoption... not to mention what the myths/comics have to say about Heimdall's parentage...), and in the future I'm considering the epic tasks of making Wakanda by editing a clone of Riverview, and Xandar from Oasis Landing.

So... what temperatures are actually harmful to Sims? I wanna make Jotunheim literally freezing, and just give the Jotun characters the 'immune to cold' lifetime reward trait. Are there any premade Tempest profiles for pleasant, mild weather all year around, while still having some seasonal variation? I plan to give Thor the 'weather-controlling machine' lifetime reward to spice it up, but for the most part I want Asgard's weather to be nice.

If I use NRAAS Traffic to turn off cars, will it be on a world by world basis, or would it affect my whole save game? I want cars on Earth, but not in the other realms. Is there a way to blacklist certain vehicles in just one world, because I want only hover cars on Xandar? Is there any way to make a horse the 'preferred vehicle' for certain Sims?

Is there a way to prevent inactive Sims from wearing certain clothing/accessories/hairstyles, and again is it per world or per game?

Are there any mods out there for a 'Warrior' career path? I've managed to find ones for Monarch and Army Officer - the ranks in the existing Military just don't feel right for either the Asgardians or Captain America.

Are there any wildlife mods, for unusual animals? I really kind of want rhinos in Wakanda; they could just be reskinned deer, or something.

I'm having trouble downloading a couple of items from the Store - has anyone else experienced this and/or have a way to fix it? I really want the archery range and ballet barre I paid for. The Red Room's just not the same without it.

Is it viable to put a custom rabbit hole in the public space of an apartment building, so I could, say, make Stark Tower both residential and business? This would save a lot of space, so I could later have room to include things like the Baxter Building and Oscorp Tower, when they eventually join the MCU.
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