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Adam and Eve Challenge
Imagine this:
After years of corruption, the Landgrabbs, Altos, and Goths fought over Sunset Valley and the rest of Simptopia. After years of conflict, a war has erupted wiping almost all of humanity in the Sim universe. Simtopia has eventually come to an end and your sim has found new land to restore humanity for good. It is now your duty to establish a new world order and repopulate this empty land. Will you save humanity for good? Or Be a ruthless dictator?

1. Download an empty town with absolutely NO LOTS OR PEOPLE!!! This is very important to the challenge; you CANNOT START at Sunset Valley or any other populated towns. I suggest using the town Brynmar by simsontherope on Tumblr Start off with two sims: it can be either female/male or female/female, (male/male sims are allowed as well if you have the pregnancy controller mod by CmarNYC). One sim IN YOUR MAIN FAMILY must achieve the "Leader of the Free World" lifetime wish, and be the leader of the town, while the other sim will be the homemaker and child-bearer of the family.
-Your house has to look like a small hut or cottage. You can also use a tent if you want to.
-Build your own house; must use the SAME LOT throughout the challenge.

2. The only lots you are able to place are Hospitals, Military Bases, and City Hall since they are essential for a soon-to-be government. You are also required to create a community garden/farm to feed your future citizens and children. Mind you, THIS IS A RESTART OF CIVILIZATION! So do NOT place lots such as theatres, grocery stores, venues, parks, etc. Until you have more than 20 sims living in your town.
-Since your sims will have children, you have the option to homeschool them using mods or place a school in one of your Town's lots.

3. Your household must have a minimum of 6 children and a maximum of 12. To prevent inbreeding, make another two-sim family, place them in your game, and make them have their own 6-12 children. But you can only do this once you have 3 children or more.
-Once one of your 6-12 children have grown up as teens, they can start making babies with other families you placed in the world.
-The two-sim policy remains throughout this game when placing families. If your main family and the other family has romantically/sexually interacted, you can place more families; your sim can also go to another town or country and bring over that sim to marry and have kids, but YOU CAN NOT move to another town.

- I HIGHLY suggest y'all start out with your main family first before playing with the other family in the town. It will be less difficult and much easier if you focus on expanding your main household before your second townie.
- The only time you are allowed to travel to the future is if you are customizing a baby; other than that you cannot go to the future.
- Each child including your main sims is required to have basic survival skills such as fishing, gardening, cooking, and handiness.
- Yet, again, DO NOT place any lots that are NOT NECESSARY such as venues, parks, theatres, science facilities, etc. yet UNTIL YOU HAVE MORE THAN 20 SIMS.
- Supernatural sims are alright.
-The only pets you are allowed to have are dogs and horses. No smaller animals or cats.
- Your sims can wear whatever they want, but they have to start off as young adults first.
Happy Simming, Atiplumbob :D
By the way, don't be shy to ask me any questions on my Tumblr or in here!!
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