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Default Using DAZ3D for Sims
Just installed DAZ3D and am adding 3rd party content. What a pain in the KEESTER! Does anyone on MTS use DAZ? If so does anyone have an installer??? DAZ comes with one, but it doesn't work with 3rd party stuff.
The issue seems to be with all the zipped files. I have to go through each subfolder and extract everything down to the root dirs. From there is's just copy and paste, keeping the source and destination file trees the same.
This should be SO EASY for a batch installer. Problem is, I have no flippin idea how to make one!
Be gentle with me - I'm brand new to DAZ. I did Sims 3 modding a couple of years back but lost interest when Sims 4 came out. The modders here have a,ways been very helpful and if ANYONE has a decent 3rd party installer, they prolly hang out here! If you can help, awesome sauce. If not, I'll keep doing the manual copy/paste thing til my fingers bleed.
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