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Default Changing non-mesh detail on a DLed CC

Sorry for the very rough title, I have nooooo idea how to explain my question without images.
For the same reason, although I've tried, I haven't been able to find anything, so I apologize in advance if there's already a thread/tutorial about this!

So. I've fallen in love with a conversion for TS3 of a Pip-boy figurine, found here.
Except I'm reaaaaally specific about not wanting our latin alphabet in game, and keeping it all in simlish.
So I'd like to "translate" it. I've found a lot of lovely simlish fonts to choose from on here

I imagine I need to change the _IMG 'files' that show up in S3PE, but I have no idea beyond that

So yeah, any advice is welcome
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Heya! I moved the thread to Misc since this is technically a default replacement work

This tutorial might help you here:

Though in your case, you can even follow this tutorial and use this program:

Using the quick and dirty method:
Now, there is indeed a way to do it with S3PE, but for this we need either GIMP or Photoshop. Photoshop's CC2018 till later actually have a dds support (Which the IMG files are ), So downloading a DDS supporter for that is not necessary. For GIMP i'd use:

Let's get started!
1. Assuming you've opened the package, click on the _IMG file you want to edit
2. Right click, and look for the "Export > To file" option on the list. Then save it wherever you want it to be
3. Open your Photoshop or GIMP And drag/drop the exported file. (You can of course use the File> open method as well)
4. Make your edits in the graphics editor and save it (Simply overwrite the original file)
5. Go back to S3PE and on the top, go to Resource > Import > from file
6. Click the file we exported and edited. A popup will show up, but just click "OK"
7. If you did this correctly, the old file should now show striped out

let me know if that works! :D
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Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu <3
I think I'll go the lazy way for this item, because I've been working on building up my game again (lost my pc and most recent backup, and obviously I don't back up often enough!) for like 3 weeks and now I just want to play (<- see the mad, frustrated grin?!)

But I love the idea of learning more on the subject! And I plan on learning to mesh, too, one day (hopefully before they get the sims 6 out!)

I'll come back to show how it went!
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Take your time! :D Losting your PC and needing to re-do everything is indeed super frustrating! 

So, feel free to bump this thread later on if you're back to working on the texture change thingy
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