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Default Not clickable piglet
Hello! Im doing a new pack and this time my piglet isn't clickable once I place it down. I not sure what the issue could be , any help I would appericate. Thank you. File is attached.
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You mean "view"? It's cloned from the fruitbowl, so I'm not sure it's supposed to be clickable or viewable. It doesn't seem to be an option. There are no options under pie menus or BHAVs.

As long as you can still move the object around in buy mode, I think it's working like what's normal for the object. It's worse if you suddenly can't grab the item (then it could be a bounding box problem, which can be fixed).

If you want the item to be viewable, you have to either add the appropriate items (BHAVs and pie menus, I think), or clone a sculpture that already has the options. I think most of the sculptures in the original sculpture category have the options, but those in "misc" are a bit "maybe/maybe not" when it comes to various functions.

Best way to ensure an item has the functions you want it to have is to clone an item that has the functions you want it to have. The easiest functions to edit tends to be things like price and subsets. TXMTs can be edited with relative ease, too (like excessive shine). It gets a bit worse with slots, BHAVs, pie menus, adding/removing tiles, and things like that.
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I'm unable to use SimPE on a tablet so...

Or, instead of " view", do you mean you can't do anything to/with it at all? Can't pick it up, sledgehammer it, use the design tool? If that's the case fixing the bounding box will fix that. The only problem is that beyond knowing you do that through the GMDC in SimPE, I can't remember which tab you need to be on to clear it.. and I can't check to refresh my memory.
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^ You can just export and import the mesh again. That usually fixes the problem with the bounding box.
Most often it's because you've imported a tiny item after the main item, so the grabbable area is very small.

There is a "fix bounding box" button of some sort, but I have on occasion had this cause crashes (not sure if it was related to cache files, though), so I admit I tend to avoid it.
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Only the last group, lettuce is added to the bounding mesh which is one little circle near the pig's back leg. To add the others, in the groups tab of the GMDC select each one and choose 'Add to Bounding Mesh'.
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