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Default Skybox recoloring
I've been modding sims for a while but usually figure it out by myself but today I've run into a brick wall & can't seem to find a decent tutorial on swapping a texture on a skybox to use for my lot. Not the hood deco but a lot one. Idk where to begin other than what I've done thus far with little success. I loaded up SimPE (in advanced mode) and used Object Browser to hunt down any of the skyboxes in my downloads folder but can't find any of them in there to clone so I loaded one up directly and seems straight forward enough EXCEPT I think I have to generate an ID for an object otherwise it won't show? So I've gotten this far but not really knowing where to go from here... I would love a recent video or what not on how to clone a skybox and retexture it if one exists... Thanks!
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Recoloring skyboxes is no different than recoloring other objects, so these are the steps:

Open simpe, choose object workshop, click "open" and locate the skybox mesh (if you're using Ja-viera's Skyomg mesh like these recolors, the mesh is called [JA] Skyomg - MESH.package. Then you choose "recolor" under "task" and click finish. Now you have one recolor file! It will look something like this:

Then all you have to do is swap texture with your new one. To do that, you click on the txtr, right click the image and choose "Build DXT" (you'll have to have the Nvidia DDS installed) choose DXT3 or DXT5 (DXT1 totally kills the quality) and make sure "sharpen" is set to none.

click "open" and locate your texture. After you've done that, click "build".

Then the texture should be swaped, click on "commit" to commit the changes

Now save your package, and voila! Your recolor file is done :-)

You can find more of my downloads over at my tumblr:
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I guess my problem is I'm not finding ANY custom skyboxes in the object browser, even the ones you posted I tried. They all work in game fine. Only way I can edit them is open them directly through the file menu but then I have to learn how to create a unique ID and put that everywhere it's needed. No idea how to do all that. So I'm done messing with this until I can find out why object browser doesn't show skyboxes. if the title begins with a '[' it should be on the top of the list more or less right? I looked in default and catalog views. I guess I could try a search? but no idea how to search the catalog. Lol yeah this is way too complicated atm
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This is the way you open custom files - going to object workshop and clicking open, not start. Is that what you're doing? (You could add your download folder to SimPE and use start to get to the files, but it's easier the other way.
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I can't believe it was something so simple. I thought I had to run start first then FIND the file to use open on it from there. I will try this out tomorrow and let you know. Thanks for all your help.
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Yes this worked. I have to play around with the texture to get it to look right but it worked like a charm, however I want to make it a stand alone object and not a recolor selection inside the Skyomg object so I gather I choose clone then stand alone? I plan to make a bunch of these and want to keep them seperate... I will post my findings and pictures when I got this sorted! Looks so much better using a skybox over the blurry adjacent lots. I am using real life panoramas from google maps
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