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Default Making interactions available on thieves and service Sims that you call to you home
The question is in the title. What do I need to do to make this possible?

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With interactions you mean like "Sim" interactions that any sims has, but service sims only have like 3 interactions, right? 

Bonehilda is actually your best reference here  

     public override void Init(BonehildaSituation parent)
        mAlarmHandle = base.Parent.Bonehilda.AddAlarmRepeating(BonehildaCoffin.kAlarmFireRate, TimeUnit.Minutes, CheckForWork, "Bonehilda Check for all clean.", AlarmType.DeleteOnReset);
Every service sim obviously has their own "Situation" for when they're working. This is basically the way for the game to see them slightly different than other sims once they're being instantiated, or even 'freeze' their moodlets and what they as the sim are supposed to do, that's a bit different from others. 

Now if we look at bonehilda's "SpawnBonehilda()" method, we see somewhere along the code that sets her up, this:

So what you could do, on a global alarm or load, maybe use the "EnableSocialsOnSim()" method. Or even use NRAAS's DebugEnabler's code of "ReEnableSocials". (This function can also be found in game > Click on sim > Sim > EnableSocials.

Hope this helps a bit! 
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Helps a lot. Thank you.

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