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Default Group ordering for correct alpha display
Right now I'm fixing some transparency issues of a hair I made. I always use MS3D since it's simple and easy to correct these issues via group ordering. The problem is that there's only UP and DOWN buttons. When I have more than 100 planes in a hair I need to press the mouse button like I'm playing some competitive shooter game and at the end of the day my fingers and wrist are sore. Is there any shortcut I'm missing that could move the plane to TOP or BOTTOM? If not someone knows any other modern 3D program that could do what MS3D does? Even 3DSMAX can't do that (as far as I know).
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Possibly this tutorial could help:

Steps 7 and 8 talk about resolving transparency issues using CAS Tools to separate the hair into layers as close to the correct order as it can, and reorder them if needed. It's not exactly what you're asking but maybe it could help.

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I didn't know your program could help me doing this. I'll check it as soon as I can. You have some very interesting programs and, it seems, a rare mind. God bless you ♥
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