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Default Need help on creating a new NPC Career
I've been trying to add a new NPC career to the game. I assumed scripting would not be necessary, since I don't need the career to be choosable anywhere, and won't be adding any interactions to it.
I managed to get it working as far as text, icons and functionality, but the career panel is glitched. Here's the process:
- Created a custom service_npc tuning to associate the career with, as well as a situation for the sim to spawn.
- Waited for the service sim to spawn.
- Used Control Any Sim to select them and opened the career panel. Here's what shows up:

I tested with the other in-game NPC careers, like the mailman, and they all show up properly on the panel. Am I doing something wrong?
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What did you use? Neia, Mod Constructor or Sims 4 Studio?

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