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Default How good is this floorplan? What should I do for the facade?
I took an existing floorplan and tweaked it, mostly to give it a drive-under garage and symmetric envelope/facade.

I originally gave it horizontal clapboard and pseudo dormers but I sort of want to give it cultured stone on the 1st floor and foundation and stucco on the 2nd floor and roofwalls.

What do you think? Can I turn a cookie cutter into a lodge?

Here’s the full album of the previous version:

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Hei, since you're asking

1.The windows in your house does not sit symmetrical on the facade.
2. The facade would look much better if the open room pertrude a bit from the facade. It could even be outside the porch roof. It will look less like a box that way. If you do the same in the kitchen, you can have a nice morningroom or vintergarden there.
3. It looks to me like the kitchen is very big and could be made into a familyroom, leaving the diningroom to special occations.
4. Equally the hallway is not centered with the open space on the floor above.
5. The hallway looks like a missed opportunity with so much unused space. You could just make the bathroom and closet bigger.
6. If you make the hallway bigger as suggested you can instead make it a sittingroom.
7. I would ditch the cellar, you already have one with the garage.
8. I would make the basement bathroom into a laundryroom with a bathroom. In case of a waterleak it's more practical in the basement.

I'm not a fan of that long narrow design, but if you choose to keep it that way the 2 extra additions should make it more interesting.

That's my suggestions. You can do with them as you wish
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Thanks for the advice! I was planning on putting some exercise equipment in the room under the porch and put a nectar cellar with a spare fridge in the real basement.

Here is a pic of a faithful reproduction (besides mirroring) of the original design:

The most basic version of the original floorplan has the windows flush with the walls.

Also, the intermediate design was 20 tiles wide. My new idea is 23 or 24 tiles wide (depending on whether I go with a 3-tile front door or double door plus cc sidelights)

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Very odd floorplan especially about the closets in the bedrooms, but as Sims you will leave those out I am sure. Also, as said, the main floor proportions are off from normal with small dining and living areas and then the oversized kitchen and hall areas. But, this is your build so the point it to do what you want. The facade looks very nice in the last photo. If you want to post photos of what you have actually done for your floorplans in the build it would be great.

Pet peeve of mine..... move the trash cans out back. :D
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