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Default Help with blender baking issue
While attempting to bake an Af Dress mesh in Blender, I keep running into this error: "No active image found in materials slot (0) for 'af body'". This is my first time meshing and I've tried searching the internet and youtube but cannot find anything on how to fix it that makes sense. I've followed Grusims clothing tutorial on youtube to the damn letter, so idk what to do at this point. Thank you in advance for any help!

FYI: I made the dress in Marvelous Designer and then put it into milkshape to fix the poly.
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What Blender version are you using? If it's 2.79 or lower, is the render engine (top bar) set to Blender Render or Cycles? This error message sounds like you're baking in Cycles, while Gruesim seemed to use the BR engine.
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Also... Gruesim is really helpful. If you are following her tutorial, why don't you ask her for help on tumblr? Just make sure to be polite and start out with like 'hi!' or something.

But also, what Sai Vi said, too.

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This is an old thread, I know. I had this problem all the time and here's how to fix it. In the UV editor, make sure there is no image, press A to select all of your UV islands, THEN, while your UV islands are selected, make a new, black image. It has to be done in that exact order.
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