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Default Question About Making a New Staircase from Modular Stairs
While taking a break from the object set I've been working on, I decided to embark on another one, and that's led me to adding to the set of stair meshes I started working on years ago. I decided my new set could use a new staircase, and for that I've decided to use the meshes from the art nouveau modular stairs that come with the game. After wrangling things around, I've begun to wonder about something, and perhaps someone here knows:

Are all the modular stairs, and possibly the stairs used in the staircases, the same mesh? As in, the same shape? Are the only parts that differentiate the stairs the railings? Or are they all individual and I just have to slog through shaping this new staircase properly? I'm kinda inclined atm to just take the Art Nouveau railings and shape those, rather than do the stairs and railings, and if all the stairs are the same, I can just slap the railings on whatever base staircase I want, so are the stair-step meshes all the same?
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Well booo, I was kinda hoping that that could be a thing...thank you @HugeLunatic; I'll get back to work, then
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